Precinct Voting Map

Due to the release of the 2020 Census data, the State of Oregon has redrawn the congressional and legislative districts. Wasco County is currently in the process of revising our precincts to accommodate these changes. All voters will receive a new Voter Notification Card informing you of your new Precinct and State districts (we will remain in Congressional District 2). The Precinct Voting Map is currently unavailable until the redistricting changes are completed.

To find out what precinct and State Districts you live in, use our Precinct Voting Map. Simply enter your address, then click on your house on the map. This will bring up a display with your Precinct, US Representative district, and State districts (Senate and House). 

Once you know your district number, you can look up who represents your district through the State of Oregon's Legislator Lookup

If you have additional questions about the map or your voting area, please call our office at 541-506-2530.