Board of Property Tax Appeals

The Board of Property Tax Appeals is a process for citizens who want to appeal the value of your land, buildings, manufactured structures, and industrial machinery and equipment. Property value, not taxes, are the subject of the hearing.

The filing period for the Board of Property Tax Appeals begins when tax statements are mailed in October and closes on January 3, 2022 at midnight. Applicants must fill out the Real Property Petition Form. If you are requesting a reduction of the value of your taxable personal property, please us the Personal Property Petition Form. All petitions must be returned to the Wasco County Clerk’s office before the filing deadline.

Before filing, we recommend contacting the Wasco County Assessment Department to ask for an Appraiser Review. This provides information on how your property value was determined and you can review the values with an appraiser on their team. In some cases, additional information may resolve the issue. If you're curious about the relationship between property values and your taxes, they have some great videos on their web page to explain it!

If you choose to move ahead with an appeal, we suggest reading the BOPTA Burden of Proof, Evidence and Hearing Procedures flyer to become familiar with the process. While the Clerk's Office will provide assistance with the process, the burden of proof as to why the Assessor's Office value is incorrect is the responsibility of the petitioner. Check out the Board of Property Tax Appeals video for additional information on the process and the types of evidence to present. 

Please note: if you are appealing the value of industrial property that was appraised by the Department of Revenue, your appeal should be filed with the Clerk of the Oregon Tax Court, Magistrate Division.

Questions about the process should be directed to the BOPTA Clerk at the County Clerk's office.