Whether you're looking to build a business in Wasco County, relocate your existing business here, or find resources to grow your business, we're here to help! Explore the links in the green box to find everything you need to know about doing business in the county!

Wasco County Economic Development Commission
Formed in 1987, the Wasco County Economic Development Commission has been coming together with partners to support economic development and growth since its inception.  Today the Economic Development Commission acts as the economic development arm of Wasco County, with a focus on job creation and increasing capacity throughout the County. For more information on the EDC and its work in Wasco County, visit our About the EDC section. 

Building a Business
Whether you're looking to start a business, locate a business in the County, or grow your business into a new location, this section is for you! Resources for business support, financing, incentives, and a step-by-step guide to siting your firm can be found in the Building a Business section.  

Planning and Zoning
Have questions about a property and how it can be developed? Interested in participating in the Wasco County 2040 Comprehensive Plan update? The Planning Department can provide information and tools to find out more! Visit the Wasco County Planning for more information. 

Wasco County Community Enhancement Projects
Each year the Wasco County EDC gathers information about key community economic development projects and activities from throughout Wasco County and recommends a prioritization ranking to the Board of County Commissioners.  EDC staff work with each project proponent to support vital communities and a strong economy throughout Wasco County. For information on project around Wasco County this year, visit the Community Enhancement Projects section.