Concealed Handgun License

Wasco County Sheriff's Office issues concealed handgun license in accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 166.291 through 166.297. Download Wasco County Concealed Handgun License application. Applications and renewals are accepted by appointment only
Due to COVID-19 and the Executive Order from the Governor, we are limiting face-to-face contact. Please contact the Wasco County Sheriff's Office at (541) 506-2580 to check on the availability of appointments for concealed handgun licensing.
What to bring to the appointment:
1) Completed application
2) Proof of United States citizenship
3) Proof of residency in Wasco County
4) Proof of handgun safety course (outlined in ORS 166.291)
5) Two pieces of identification with your signature (one must have a picture and signature)
6) Correct fees. Fees are non-refundable and cover processing costs according to Oregon law.
7) Note: All applicants (new and renewals will be photographed). New applicants and transfers will be fingerprinted.