Plans & Ordinances

How Do I find the Rules That Apply to My Property?

Understanding the applicable rules and regulations can be helpful in navigating the permitting process with successful outcomes.  We do our best to help our citizens and applicants understand how the regulations apply to their projects.  In addition to being available in person and by telephone, we provide online map tools and the ordinances to assist you in your research. We always recommend confirming your research with staff prior to making investments or starting new projects; confirming with staff can prevent costly mistakes. If at any point in your research or permit process you have questions, please contact a planner for assistance. We are here to help you!

Using the online tools in the brown box to the left, this research process may help you in your project planning efforts: 

Step 1: Use the online map tool to locate your property and identify your zoning.  For a tutorial on how to navigate the webmap, please see this pdf.
Step 2: Using the zoning information provided by the map tool and locate the zone in the applicable ordinance. If your zoning is a National Scenic Area Zone, please view your applicable regulations in the National Scenic Area Land Use & Development Ordinance. If your zoning is not in the National Scenic Area, please view your applicable regulations in the Wasco County Land Use & Development Ordinance.
Step 3: View your applicable ordinance language to locate the use and process for your project.
Step 4: Contact staff at (541) 506-2560 to discuss your research and the details of your project. Once the information is confirmed, staff will navigate you to the appropriate application process as needed.

Please be aware that some processes require additional public notifications and in some cases, public hearings. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we encourage you to contact us early.