NSA Map & LUDO Revisions

National Scenic Area (NSA) Land Use Designation (LUD) Map Update:

In 2017, Wasco County was approved by the Oregon Land Use and Development Commission (LCDC) to enter Periodic Review to update our Comprehensive Plan. During the development of the periodic review work plan in 2016, Wasco County was notified by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) that they had updated habitat maps for Eastern Oregon in 2012.  Staff subsequently worked with ODFW to refine those maps based on local conditions over the next several years.  In part, the refinement included an acknowledgment that some of our orchard lands are not a priority habitat for deer and elk, as it is common for ODFW to issue grants in these areas to land owners to install fencing discouraging deer and elk feeding and migration. ODFW removed them from our Overlay Zone 8 (Sensitive Wildlife Overlay Zone).  These maps were adopted in 2020.

At the same time as these updates, the Columbia River Gorge Commission was working through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Management Plan update (Gorge 2020).  Gorge 2020 included clarifications to the Land Use Designation map (Zoning Map) which had the impact of:
  • Correcting errors on the Land Use Designation map that resulted in split zones on some parcels.
  • Clarifying that property in Deer and Elk winter range habitat, according to the National Scenic Area Management Plan, has a division standard of 80 acres.
The final updated maps were transmitted in 2022 to Wasco County.  At that time, staff identified that the revised National Scenic Area Land Use Designation maps did not reflect updates to the Deer and Elk winter range.  This had the impact of revising multiple properties to the 80 acre division standard when those properties were no longer considered Deer and Elk winter range habitat or a migration path.

Wasco County, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, has requested the Columbia River Gorge Commission revise the National Scenic Area Land Use Designation maps to reflect updates to the Wasco County Deer and Elk winter range.

To learn more about potential impacts to your property, please contact Wasco County Planning Staff.  We can be reached the following ways:
Mon-Thur 10 am-noon, 1pm-4pm
2705 E 2nd St The Dalles, OR  
wcplanning at co.wasco.or.us 

Read the 2020 Columbia River Gorge Commission staff reports on LUD map updates:
LUD Clarifications 4-9-19
LUD Clarifications Presentation 4-9-19
LUD Clarifications Staff Report 8-11-20

Read the Wasco County Planning Director's request for revision to the Columbia River Gorge Commission.