Gorge 2020 NSA LUDO Update

On March 15, 2021, the Columbia River Gorge Commission sent its updated Management Plan to Wasco County. Between March and August, staff drafted proposed updates to the National Scenic Area (NSA) Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) in consultation with the Board of County Commissioners and the Columbia River Gorge Commission staff.

On September 7th, at 3pm via video conference, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the update NSA LUDO to the Board of County Commissioners, which some specific feedback of concerns.  The Board of County Commissioners heard the matter at two public hearings on October 20th and November 3rd.

Wasco County has elected to pursue only mandatory updates this year.  Wasco County is required to adopt all National Scenic Area Management Plan revisions into the Wasco County National Scenic Area LUDO.  

We have included the comment letters Planning Department staff submitted to the Columbia River Gorge Commission throughout the Gorge 2020 Management Plan update below about many of these changes.  While we are interested to hear your feedback, we also encourage you to submit comment directly to the Columbia River Gorge Commission.  We anticipate the hearing to adopt will be before them in the winter of 2022.

Wasco County's NSA LUDO Update

Revised Drafts

Review Proposed Revised Draft
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Official Mailed NoticeAviso en Espanol, and
Ordinance 21-003 (DRAFT)
View or Download the Official Mailed Notice to Property Owners, Aviso en Espanol, 
Ordinance 21-003 (DRAFT)

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One Page Summary 
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Timeline for Proposed Updates
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Wasco County and the Wasco County Planning Department participated in the Gorge 2020 process.  We have compiled a list of input and comments submitted to the Columbia River Gorge Commission (CRGC), as well as our efforts to encourage citizen involvement, in this central location.

Wasco County Initiated Public Outreach About Gorge 2020:
2017 Notice
2017 Aviso en Espanol
2020 Postcard

Submitted Memos, Comments, and Letters
March 8, 2017 Letter to the CRGC about Needs/Issues for Scope
October 9, 2017 Memo to CRGC
October 9, 2017 Presentation to CRGC
January 25, 2018 Letter to the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) encouraging participation in Gorge 2020
May 7, 2018 Memo to CRGC
September 10, 2019 Letter to CRGC
January 2, 2020 Letter to CRGC
May 12, 2020 Letter to CRGC
May 21, 2020 Letter to Governor Kate Brown
May 22, 2020 Joint Letter to CRGC
June 30, 2020 Comment Packet to CRGC
September 8, 2020 NSA Demographics Report
September 8, 2020 Letter to CRGC