Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Commission Agendas & Minutes

The Planning Commission will continue to meet electronically while we work through logistics for future hearings.

Wasco County Planning Commission Hearing, Tuesday, October 5th will be held via Zoom online, with staff presentation and the opportunity for testimony from the public. 

To provide comment and participate in the live meeting on October 5th from 3pm-5:00pm, please register in advance by clicking here.  Pre-registration enables us to ensure increased efficiency and security.  You will have to register with your name and address for the official record.  If you wish to remain anonymous and not comment, you will also be able to live stream the meeting at the time of the hearing by clicking here.

For more information on how to use Zoom, please see our Zoom Public Participation Guide. We recommend using your phone if your internet speeds are slow or unreliable.  Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the mute function.  If you need additional tutorials, please check out Zoom's library of instructional videos:

The final packet is available approximately 7 days prior to the hearing. Please Note: Agenda packets may be very large documents, please be patient to allow time for downloading.

10/05/21 File #921-19-000193-PLNG   Agenda      
09/07/21 National Scenic Area LUDO Update   Agenda   Packet     Video More...
09/07/21 Wasco County LUDO Update   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video More...
08/03/21 Planning Commission Work Session - LUDO Scope-CANCELED   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
07/06/21 File #921-21-000024-PLNG   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video More...
06/01/21 File #921-21-000017-PLNG   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
06/01/21 File #921-21-000009-PLNG   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
05/04/21 Planning Commission NSA LUDO - CANCELED        
04/06/21 Planning Commission Work Session   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video