Criminal Prosecution

The District Attorney's office is responsible for prosecuting violation of the laws of the State of Oregon, County Code violations, Child Support Enforcement and Victim Services.

1.      Prosecute felony crimes (punishable by more than one year in jail)

2.      Prosecute Misdemeanors (less than one year)

3.      Enforce Child Support Obligations

4.      Chair Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team and Fatality Review

5.     Adult Abuse Multidisciplinary Team Member

6.      Provide Victim Services (advise of rights, assistance in cases)

7.      Appear in Dependency Cases (when children are abused or neglected and parents cannot care for them adequately)

8.      Appear for Delinquency Cases (juveniles violating the criminal laws)

9.      Appear in Drug Court and Dependency Court

10.     Prosecute Probation Violations (people on probation who don’t report, use drugs, commit new crimes, etc) 

11.     Review Denials of Public Records Requests for local (non-State) public bodies.

12.    Professional Support (work with staff to insure daily requirement of timely information being provided to law enforcement and courts—comply with Due Process)

13.    Review and investigate Unattended Deaths

If you have questions about consumer fraud, public records, or public meetings laws please contact the Oregon Attorney General by clicking the following link: .  Questions about ethics violations for public officials should be directed to the Oregon Ethics Commission, which can be located by clicking the following link: