Criminal Prosecution

The Office of District Attorney is created by the Oregon Constitution. Article VII, Section 17 provides:

There shall be elected by districts comprised of one, or more counties, a sufficient number of prosecuting Attorneys, who shall be the law Officers of the State, and of the counties within their respective Districts, and shall perform such duties pertaining to the administration of Law, and general police as the Legislative Assembly may direct.

The District Attorney is an elected official. The District Attorney's office consists of a team of Chief Deputy District Attorneys, Deputy District Attorneys, Trial Assistants, Investigators, Support Staff and Victim’s Assistants who are dedicated to seeking justice.

The District Attorney’s Office represents the State of Oregon in all criminal cases filed in Wasco County, advocating for victim’s rights and enforcing the laws of the State of Oregon. The District Attorney and his team of 3 Deputy District Attorneys are responsible for evaluating the investigative reports submitted by local, state and federal agencies and determining whether justice and public safety require prosecution. If the Office initiates prosecution, the attorneys are responsible for presenting evidence to and advising the Grand Jury, and representing the State at every stage of the criminal proceeding in Circuit Court thereafter.

Additionally, the District Attorney’s Office is responsible for providing the following public safety services:

  • Working with the community to develop and implement evidence based crime prevention programs.
  • Representing the State in juvenile delinquency matters where the focus is on the safety, health and welfare of Wasco County’s children.
  • Acting as forfeiture counsel in certain civil and criminal forfeiture matters.
  • Assisting the Oregon Department of Justice when requested in criminal and certain civil proceedings.
  • Managing multi-disciplinary teams including Child Abuse MDT, Elder Abuse MDT, Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

If you have questions about consumer fraud, public records, or public meetings laws please contact the Oregon Attorney General by clicking the following link: .  Questions about ethics violations for public officials should be directed to the Oregon Ethics Commission, which can be located by clicking the following link: