Mobile Home Removal Options

1. Sell the mobile home
a. Low price and let the buyer arrange transport?
b. Market price and you arrange transport
i. Wilson Mobile Home Transport: (Lyle) 509-365-2224

2. Scrap an old or unusable mobile home (see Trash Service, Landfills, Junk Vehicles, Tires, and Scrap link for more information)

a. Do it yourself

i. Check with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (see the Asbestos Advisory Fact Sheet )
iii. All material must be taken to a landfill: Call the landfill BEFORE you begin to verify that they will accept the dismantled mobile home.

b. Call a scrap dealer and have them dismantle and remove the mobile home for a fee.

**NOTES: Mobile homes built before June 15, 1976 (Pre-HUD) may not meet approval standards for use as a dwelling. They CAN be moved along the highways subject to all pertinent regulations.