Property Tax Statements and Payments

In a continued effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our employees & the public, we are asking that citizens continue to utilize one of the preferred payment methods below, during this tax season. If you are not sure how to access services online, please call our office at 541-506-2510 or email to to discuss. 

Preferred Payment Options Update
Our office would like to remind citizens of some payment options to consider during this time:

  • Make your payment online through Point & Pay.  click here to access online payments
  • Call Point & Pay to make your payment over the phone – call 844-435-3978
    Point & Pay convenience fees to use a credit or debit card is 2.50% of the amount paid with a $2.00 minimum charge; E-checks are a flat fee of $2.00
  • Mail your payment to: 511 Washington Street, Suite 208, The Dalles, Oregon 97058.  If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope or your email address with your payment.
  • Drop off payments in our new Property Tax Payment drop box.  Located outside on 5th Street by the stairwell entrance.  Make sure you are dropping off in the correct receptacle; do not place payments in the ballot box.  If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope or your email address with your payment.

Due to our effort to maintain social distancing and for the safety and health of our employees & the public, we are asking that citizens utilize one of these three preferred payment methods only during this time.  If you typically pay in cash, we ask that you consider exchanging cash for a money order and mail your payment.  If you are unable to utilize one of these payment methods, please call our office to inquire about possibly making other arrangements.  Please see below for more detailed information about making payments, associated fees, and other information.

Making your Property Tax Payment
Taxpayers have some options available when making a payment.  The preferred method after the November deadline is to mail your payment to: 511 Washington Street, Suite 208, The Dalles, Oregon 97058.

  • If you are paying multiple accounts, you may use a single check, only if you are paying all the accounts in full. Otherwise, you will need to send a single check for each account.
  • The property tax system will not accept checks written for more than what is due. Please make your payments in the amount due. Checks over the amount due, will be returned to you.

Taxpayers can also pay with a credit card online.  Our service provider Point and Pay will charge a convenience fee to use this method of payment.  The convenience fee is 2.50% of the amount you are paying, with a minimum $2.00 charge.  Payments online will be considered timely if completed and transmitted prior to 11:59 P.M. on the due date.  Click here to access Point and Pay online payment method.

Taxpayers can also call Point and Pay directly to make a payment over the phone.  The number to call is 844-435-3978.
Taxpayers can pay with an E-check.  E-checks are $2.00 per check.

When mailing your payment, make sure it is postmarked on or before the due date.  All payments will be considered received as of the date shown on the cancellation mark from the U.S. postal service or other private carriers.  Use caution as simply dropping off payments in a mail receptacle may not be sufficient. 

Property Tax Statements and Payments

Each year by October 25th, the county tax collector sends out tax statements for property taxes.  As an owner of real or personal property, your tax statement will be mailed directly to you.  If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, a tax statement will also be sent to them.  Tax statements are printed on either green or yellow stock.  A green statement represents the original statement and a yellow statement represents a courtesy copy.  If you have received a green statement you are responsible to pay the taxes; if you have received a yellow statement most likely you have a mortgage company or tax service that is responsible to pay the property tax.  Ultimately, property owners are responsible to make sure their account(s) is paid.

Multiple Statements
If the boundary of a taxing district crosses your property, you may receive two or more tax statements.  For example, if a districts limits cross your property, one statement would cover the part of your property within the district.  The other statement would cover the part outside the district.  The term ‘split code’ is used to describe this scenario.

If you are assessed for both real and personal property, you will receive a tax statement for each.

If you own and live in a manufactured structure and own the land on which it is located, you may receive two tax statements.  One will show taxes on the manufactured structure.  The other statement will show taxes on the land and permanent fixtures such as buildings, concrete slabs, sidewalks, patios, etc.  These are referred to on the statement as ‘improvements’.

Payment Dates
You may pay your property tax in one lump sum or in three equal installments.  Due dates are:
November 15th – First one-third payment
February 15th – Second one-third payment
May 15th – Final one-third payment
Taxes of $40 or less can’t be paid in installments.

Discount, Interest, and Liens
When you pay the full amount of your tax by November 15th, you get a 3% discount.  If you pay two-thirds of the tax by November 15th, you get a 2% discount.  To get a discount on your current year’s tax bill, all delinquent taxes, penalties, and interest must be paid in full. 

The tax collector will apply an amount toward the current year’s taxes only after your tax payment has been credited to any past outstanding taxes.

You will be charged interest for any payment made or postmarked after its due date.  The interest is 1.333 percent monthly, 16% annually.  Interest accrues on the 16th day of each month after the tax is due.  Past due amounts will be shown on your tax statement, but the amount shown may not include interest.  The tax collector will compute the interest due when you make your payment. 

Taxes on both real and personal property become a lien on July 1.


Ownership Changes
If you are buying property on a contract the statement will be mailed to the legal owner.  However, the legal owner may request in writing that the tax collector mail the statement to you.

Ownership changes made after August 1st may not be shown on the tax statement sent in October.  If you have purchased property since August 1st and you don’t get a tax statement by November 1st, contact the tax collector for the amount owed or visit Ascend web for balance due by clicking here.  You must pay your tax by the due dates to avoid interest and penalties.

If You Disagree With Your Value
Once you receive and review your tax statement, if you disagree with your value, please contact the Assessor’s Office and ask if they can conduct an appraiser review.  In many cases an appraiser review can address and resolve value issues.

Taxpayers have the right to appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA).  Applications are filed with the County Clerk.  The filing period begins after tax statements are mailed in October and closes on December 31st.  The BOPTA board can address value issues, NOT taxes.  Visit the Clerk's BOPTA page for more information and to access petition forms by clicking here.