Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be part of a vibrant and dynamic volunteer group that serves Wasco County? See below for the open positions and their applications.

Wasco County Wolf Compensation Committee

The Wasco County Wolf Compensation Committee reviews applications for compensation to persons who suffer death of injury to livestock or working dogs that is attributed to wolf depredation as well as compensation for certain missing animals that qualify and/or financial assistance to persons who implement livestock management techniques or nonlethal wolf deterrence techniques designed to discourage wolf/livestock interactions and reduce wolf depredations.

The Wolf Compensation Committee is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and consists of: 

  • 1 County Commissioner
  • 2 Livestock Producers
  • 2 Wolf Advocates
  • 2 Local Business Persons (as nominated by the previously listed members)

Wasco County Economic Development Commission
The Wasco County Economic Development Commission is accepting applications for an open position on the Commission. Position 7 generally represents the agricultural industry. Applicants from anywhere in Wasco County will be accepted, with priority consideration placed on applicants representing the agricultural community with a focus on dryland crops and/or cattle. If you are interested in joining the EDC please fill out an interest form and submit it no later than November. 29, 2017.   For more information, contact EDC Staff, Carrie Pipinich at 541-296-2266 or carrie@mcedd.org.  

Wasco County Fair Board

The Wasco County Fair Board meets in the evening twice each month throughout the year. In addition to organizing the annual Wasco County Fair the Board is responsible for fund raising, managing projects on the fair grounds, oversight for Hunt Park, supervision of the Hunt Park caretaker, working with the Extension District/4H and engaging in intermittent repairs and small construction. 

Wasco County Veterans Advisory Committee
The Wasco County Veterans Advisory Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month to address issues related to veterans and veterans’ services in Wasco County. They serve as a conduit between local veterans and County government, educating, recommending and advising the Wasco County Board of County Commissioners regarding veterans’ issues.

Wasco County Planning Commission Alternate
The Wasco County Planning Commission examines and reviews changes to the Wasco County Comprehensive Plan, Wasco County National Scenic Area Land Use and Development Ordinances and other documents; makes presentations and recommendations to approval authorities on land use matters; and performs other
functions concerning land use, strategic planning, special projects and economic development. Essential qualifications include both the ability and willingness to work toward solutions concerning land use and development. Alternates attend and participate in Planning Commission meetings but do not vote unless a voting member is absent from the meeting. Alternates are considered first to fill vacancies on the Planning Commission.

Secure Rural Schools Hood-Willamette Resource Advisory Committee
The RAC provides advice and recommendations to both the Mt. Hood and Willamette National Forests a and the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area in Oregon for the allocation of Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act Title II funds. 

Veterans Service Office
Your front desk skills are needed at the Veterans' Services Office in The Dalles. Volunteering at the VSO is an enjoyable and rewarding way to help our veterans and their families. Call Jean @ 541-296-3478 for information or send an email to oaknook@gmail.com

Fort Dalles Museum
Museum volunteers assist with a variety of positions at the Museum and Anderson Homestead including clerical/office, greeters, tour guides, special events, landscaping, gardening, and school outreach.

The Dalles Watershed
The Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District created watershed councils as a means of identifying and addressing the resource concerns of those living within the area. The watershed council is a way to focus manpower and resources on natural resource issues within the watershed as a whole.