Building Profile

The Wasco County Court House is located at 511 Washington Street in The Dalles, OR. The structure was designed by C. J. Crandall -Architect-, of The Dalles. The construction contract, signed by the County Court on May 1st, 1912, was held under a forfeiture or bid bind of $50.00 with a $20,000.00 contractor performance bond.

The substantial construction project was started on or before May 6th, 1912. Completed in 1914; the contracted price was $41,764.00 with any extra re-enforcing steel to be provided for .03/lb. The County Court, at the time, consisted of A. E. Lake: Judge, H .C. Rooper and C. H. Stoughton: County Commissioners.

Number of Floors: 4 (Basement not original const.) 
Square Feet: 38,045 SF 
Parking: 1 ADA, 6 Sheriff and 29 Staff 
Elevator: West- parking lot entrance at ADA doors 
Public restrooms: ADA in Basement; main R.R. on 2nd floor