Finding Property

Finding Real Estate
There are many skilled realtors and property development professionals that serve Wasco County's communities. To get you started with your property search, seek out one of these professionals or view available properties online via these two resources:

 R M L S Logo     The Regional Multiple Listing Service is a Realtor Owned site that provides information on residential as well as commercial and industrial properties listed in the Pacific Northwest. Visit their website to search current listings.    
 Business Oregon Logo      Oregon Prospector is a Business Oregon supported portal that highlights industrial and commercial property throughout Oregon.  It's a great place to find details about properties available in Wasco County as well as additional demographic, economic, and workforce data about the area. Visit their website to explore!  
Property and Parcel Information
Photo of GIS Map   To learn more about a specific property, the Wasco County GIS system is an incredible resource available to you. Visit their webpage and drill down to the parcel or community you are looking to explore. You will be able to review applicable zoning and overlays, current ownership information, and much more!   
Photo of Zoning Map    To review allowed uses on a particular property visit the Wasco County Planning Department's portion of the webpage for information on the Land Use & Development Ordinances, Comprehensive Plan, and other information potentially pertaining to your property if it is located in unincorporated Wasco County. If your property is located within a City, please utilize their website or contact them directly for questions.