Wild country, wild times

The recent Netflix documentary, "Wild Wild Country" has spurred renewed interest in the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the Rajneeshpuram community formerly located in the southeast corner of Wasco County. The various photos shown here were taken by County staff during this era. Captions have been added for context when possible.
Planning Office before the fire
Planning Office After it was Bombed
Planning office after fire 2
Site of Community Center
Tents for temporary festival workers
View of cafeteria site
Comprehensive Plan For the City of Rajneeshpuram
Pages from the Comp Plan
Plan 1
Site Map 2
Site map 3
Tents for workers
New construction
New construction
Hotel Rajneesh
Aerial View of ranch
Aerial view
Aerial view
Aerial view
Aerial view
Aerial view of reservoir
A-frame house
A-frame houses
Housing under construction
Open air hall exterior
Outdoor gathering hall - interior view
Transport buses
Shop area
Medical Building
Festival Tent
Foliage at the Ranch
Grounds at Big Muddy
Planning Department Staff onsite
Ranch entrance
Bhagwan's Pool