Office Assistant - Tax Clerk

Description :

Position Information 223112

Position Title:

Office Assistant



Working Title:

Tax Clerk

Salary Grade:

“F” - $3,219.74– $3,467.31/month

Reports to:

Assessment & Tax Manager

FLSA Classification:



Assessment & Tax

Effective Date:


General Position Summary:
Performs all activities of the tax billing and collection function in the collection, recording, reporting, custody and turn-over of all tax monies within the county.  This position assists the public and directs public inquiry to the appropriate person within the office when needed.

Essential Functions (in a typical work week):
Process payments (manual and electronic), receives cash, collect advance payments, issue receipts, balance daily receipts and prepares daily deposits and balancing reports.
Opens mail and answers incoming calls for the main tax and assessment phone lines.
Assists the public by providing information about property values, location and taxes.
Computes, prepares and submits turnover distribution of tax collections and tax refunds to Finance/Treasurer.
Conducts correspondence with the public, taxing districts and others; provides tax related information and reports as necessary.
Prepares and mails bills for tax and past due accounts.
Prepares annual foreclosure list; notifies all associated parties as required by statute; ensures the correct assessment of appropriate fees and penalties when required.
Assists in the management and processing of tax foreclosed properties and Wasco County Owned lands and land sales.
Prepares Personal Property Delinquent Tax Notices, issues Warrants and performs UCC filings.
Executes Warrants and attachments to delinquent Personal Property.
Maintains bankruptcy status for individual and other entities; identifies all affected accounts and provides copies of information to their supervisor.
Performs collection processes for past due tax and assessments.
Manage the exemption and special exemption programs according to Oregon Revised Statutes
including Veteran Exemptions and the Senior Deferral Program.
Process applicable manufactured structure documents.
Invoice, collect and receipt non-tax fees, balance and prepare deposit for finance.
Data gathering/appraisal assistant; assist appraisers in researching, compiling and gathering data.  May assist on-site inspections gathering data, drawing diagrams and take pictures.
Any employee may be required by their manager to perform any of the duties described in his/her position description and other duties which may be necessary or desirable and for which the employee is qualified.
Cross trains to perform duties in the assessment, tax and appraisal sections as directed by their supervisor.

Secondary Functions (in a typical work week):
Assists with data entry of Business Personal Property returns

Education, Experience, and Certification/Licensure:  This section of the job description outlines the education, previous experience, professional licenses, certifications, and specific skills necessary to perform the assigned work. 

Positions at this level require skills, training, and/or knowledge base equal to a high school education/equivalent and up to one-year post‑high school education or vocational training.  Programs leading to certificates obtained in one year or less are also placed at this level.  Skills and abilities needed to complete job assignments often include mathematical computations, operation of minor/small equipment, reading of directions, etc.  Skills may be focused in one area.  Previous work experience of between 6‑18 months may be required.  Capability to reason and think through established process steps is typically needed.

Below is an outline of the specific Education type, Experience type or licensure/certification that is required for this role.  The County will also consider any equivalent combinations of the qualifying criteria.

  • Graduation from a senior high school, preferably supplemented by college or university course work in public or business administration.
  • Must possess good cash handling skills.
  • Ability to receive and understand verbal and written direction.
  • Thorough knowledge of office procedures, practices and computer skills.
  • Minimum of 6-18 months of progressively increasing responsible office and accounting principles to include reconciling and reporting experience.
  • Prefer knowledge of the principles of assessment and tax administration.
  • Must possess the ability to interpret policies such as Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules.
  • Interpret and implement procedures.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of skill in customer service and the ability to handle difficult customers.
  • Must possess the ability to establish effective working relationships.
  • Must have regular and predictable attendance.

Responsibility/Accountability: This section of the job description describes the amount and breadth of responsibility and accountability that rests with the position, including the expected results of the position, the impact on County operations and activities, and the responsibility for budget.

Minimal influence on organization operations, programs, and expense or budgetary outcomes.  Dollar amounts influenced would be considered small.  Responsibility for the prudent use of assets does not extend beyond own work responsibilities.  While public contact is a part of the position’s responsibilities, supervisory action would prevent or correct most issues. 

Interpersonal Skills/Contacts:  This section of the job description describes the characteristics of personal interaction with others including the frequency of contacts with others, the breadth of interactions (within the County, outside the County, with vendors/contractors, dealing directly with the public, etc.), and the level of persons interacted with.  Also, included in this section is the reason for contact such as gaining cooperation; use negotiation, tact, teamwork, and sensitivity; or the likelihood of dealing with disagreeable or hostile individuals. 

Positions at this level have responsibility for contact with wide range of individuals including County employees, the public, and those with contractual or other relationships with County operations and programs.  Internally, the primary contacts are made equally with the individual's own work group and other departments.  The contacts are both of a routine and non‑routine nature and require some discussion or explanation.  Some adverse or positive consequences may result from these interactions.  Contacts can be in both one‑on‑one situations and group settings.  Communication and interpersonal skills are fairly important and require some refinement for the successful completion of job responsibilities.  Positions that have substantial contact with a wide range of individuals, but the contact is limited in scope, should also be placed at this level.

Supervision of Employees:  This section of the job description describes the supervisory responsibility assigned including the range and types of supervisory functions performed, from directing work activities and delegating assignments to coaching, counseling, making disciplinary decisions, hiring, firing, salary actions, performance appraisal, training, etc. as well as the types of employees supervised.   

Positions at this level are not responsible for any supervisory functions or responsibilities, but may occasionally be asked to orient and/or train new employees.

Working Conditions:  This section of the job description outlines the work environment, conditions, and hazards that are encountered in the course of assigned work.  This includes the personal risk, hazard, varying work schedules, level of interruptions, job pressure, and the need to frequently juggle priorities and work assignments.  Also, exposure to unpleasant working conditions such as high noise levels, heat or cold, inside or outside work, exposure to electricity, chemicals, poor lighting, confinements, machinery, interactions with disturbed or dangerous individuals, personal attacks, contact with contagious disease, or situations where personal safely cannot be assured.

This level has a work environment that is well protected, with virtually no hazards or obstacles.  There is very little element of personal risk or hazard.  Job conditions are stable, usually well managed, and very comfortable.  There are occasional interruptions or changes in job assignments, but they are typically not detrimental to work flow or meeting job responsibilities.

Physical Requirements:  This section of the job description describes the physical effort and manual labor, such as sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, digging, operating equipment, performing with speed, etc., as well as the dexterity required to complete the job functions.  The need for travel, extended hours, and situations of physical discomfort are also outlined here.

Positions rated at this level require occasional physical effort such as light lifting, carrying, or movement, etc.  Physical capability involves use of office or power equipment where some dexterity is needed.  Movement around the work space is not challenging, and there are little to no restrictions on mobility.

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