Deputy Sheriff - The Dalles, OR

Description :


Position Title:

Deputy Sheriff



Working Title:

Deputy Sheriff

Salary Grade:

"M" - $27.91/hour to start

Reports to:

Chief Deputy/Sheriff

FLSA Classification:




Effective Date:


Required Pre-employment Testing
Ability to meet DPSST physical standards (ORPAT)

Law Enforcement Testing through National Testing Network (NTN)
Link to NTN:

If you have questions about this position, please reach out to Chief Deputy, Scott Williams at 541-506-2593.

General Position Summary:
The Deputy Sheriff performs a variety of routine and complex public safety work in the areas of patrol, civil service, investigations, traffic enforcement, corrections activity, and other related law enforcement activities.

Essential Functions (in a typical work week):

•             Patrols public roads, highways, federal lands, state lands, incorporated cities, business areas in the enforcement of traffic and criminal laws; Patrols Rivers and lakes in patrol boat, enforcing water safety laws and regulations as assigned.
•             Makes arrests, transports prisoners and patients under custody to institutions, courts, and on extraditions.  Transports arrested, sentenced or detained individuals requiring movement to and from the County Jail, juvenile facility, state institutions, and other facilities. 
•             Prepares detailed reports, affidavits, warrants and citations, and maintains records necessary for efficient investigations, crime prevention, prosecution, and office procedures. 
•             Serves subpoenas, summons, warrants for arrest and other civil process papers.
•             Appears as a witness in court, Grand Jury, and demonstrates communication skills to testify on matters relating to accidents, crimes and investigations.
•             Examines crime and accident scenes and preserves/collects evidence, interviews suspects, witnesses, and victims; provides follow-up investigation on certain crimes and investigations. 
•             Participates in Search and Rescue operations for property and persons.
•             Performs courthouse & court room security when necessary.
•             Works a variable rotation shift schedule sometimes involving limited backup support and/or limited electronic communications in all types of indoor and outdoor environments.  Contacts with individuals who may become violent, combative, under the influence of drugs/alcohol or who have communicable diseases, this may include individuals who are dealing with mental health concerns, as well. Position may be required to deal with violent and combative individuals requiring considerable physical effort. 
•             Must have the ability to communicate and interact firmly yet courteously with the public and suspects, and in accordance with Sheriff’s Office policy and procedures.  Also must present a positive, objective and consistent approach in dealing with people and resolving conflicts and problems. 
•             Must have the ability to perform CPR and 1st Aid to individuals of the public when needed. 
•             Promotes public relations in a highly visible role by participating in community events/public forums, informing the public on public safety concerns, and answering citizen inquiries regarding laws and ordinances. 
•             Responds to animal calls for service.
•             Must maintain proficiency in firearms qualifications at a standard or above marksmanship score, assert above average driving skills under stress and non-stress conditions. 
•             Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Responsibility/Accountability: This section of the job description describes the amount and breadth of responsibility and accountability that rests with the position, including the expected results of the position, the impact on County operations and activities, and the responsibility for budget.

Moderate, but distinct impact on organization operations, program outcomes, revenue, and expense or budgetary outcomes.  Responsibility for the prudent use of assets, including assigned equipment, material, or labor, is moderate and often includes responsibility for others' use of organization assets.  Some program or policy development affecting the organization and its offerings is part of the job responsibility.  “Customer” service is an important part of the job and actions would likely impact user's sense of satisfaction.    

Supervision of Employees:  This section of the job description describes the supervisory responsibility assigned including the range and types of supervisory functions performed, from directing work activities and delegating assignments to coaching, counseling, making disciplinary decisions, hiring, firing, salary actions, performance appraisal, training, etc. as well as the types of employees supervised.   

Positions at this level are not responsible for any supervisory functions or responsibilities, but may occasionally be asked to orient and/or train new employees.

Interpersonal Skills/Contacts:  This section of the job description describes the characteristics of personal interaction with others including the frequency of contacts with others, the breadth of interactions (within the County, outside the County, with vendors/contractors, dealing directly with the public, etc.), and the level of persons interacted with.  Also, included in this section is the reason for contact such as gaining cooperation; use negotiation, tact, teamwork, and sensitivity; or the likelihood of dealing with disagreeable or hostile individuals. 

Positions at this level have frequent responsibility for contact with others not employed at the County.  Internally, primary contacts are usually made with other departments, as opposed to own work group.  Contacts usually concern non-routine information, and the potential for positive or adverse consequences to the County because of these contacts is constantly present.  Negotiation, persuasion, tact, sensitivity, and confidential exchanges are all part of the interactions required.  Formal presentations may be periodically made.  Communication and interpersonal skills are important, and must be well refined to complete job responsibilities.

Working Conditions:  This section of the job descriptions outlines the work environment, conditions, and hazards that are encountered in the course of assigned work.  This includes the personal risk, hazard, varying work schedules, level of interruptions, job pressure, and the need to frequently juggle priorities and work assignments.  Also, exposure to unpleasant working conditions such as high noise levels, heat or cold, inside or outside work, exposure to electricity, chemicals, poor lighting, confinements, machinery, interactions with disturbed or dangerous individuals, personal attacks, contact with contagious disease, or situations where personal safely cannot be assured.

Positions at this level have a high risk of personal injury if safety practices are not observed.  Exposure to potentially dangerous situations occur constantly as a part of assigned work.  Positions at this level must continually assess the environment as it relates to personal safety both for themselves and for others. 

Physical Requirements:  This section of the job description describes the physical effort and manual labor, such as sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, digging, operating equipment, performing with speed, etc., as well as the dexterity required to complete the job functions.  The need for travel, extended hours, and situations of physical discomfort are also outlined here.

Positions at this level regularly require moderate physical effort and guide labor, such as carrying and frequent lifting of light items, some lifting of moderately heavy objects (25-40 pounds), constant movement, or the requirement to stand for the majority of the work assignments.  This rating also includes job situations where a high degree of speed and guide dexterity are important.  Positions that have limited mobility and must sit in one pace for the bulk of the work day should also be placed at this level.  Positions where driving is one of the major responsibilities are to be placed at this level.

Education, Experience, and Certification/Licensure:  This section of the job description outlines the education, previous experience, professional licenses, certifications, and specific skills necessary to perform the assigned work. 

Positions at this level require skills, training, and/or knowledge base equal to a high school education/equivalent and up to one-year post high school education or vocational training.  Programs leading to certificates obtained in one year or less are also placed at this level.  Skills and abilities needed to complete job assignments often include mathematical computations, operation of minor/small equipment, reading of directions, etc.  Skills may be focused in one area.  Previous work experience of between 6-18 months may be required.  Capability to reason and think through established process steps is typically needed.

Below is an outline of the specific Education type, Experience type or licensure/certification that is required for this role.  The County will also consider any equivalent combinations of the qualifying criteria.

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
  • Completion of Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, (DPSST), or equivalent academy, within 1 year, from date of hire.
  • Possess Basic Police Certificate or can obtain within one year of original appointment.
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Most possess, or be able to obtain by time of hire, a valid Oregon Driver’s License without record of suspension or revocation in any state.
  • Ability to meet DPSST physical standards, (ORPAT).
  • Must be able to pass, background, physical, psychological examinations, and command staff oral board interview.
  • Must have the ability to work rotating shifts and alternative work schedules.
  • Must be able to proficiently use a police car, police radio, radar gun, handgun and other weapons as required, department approved baton, handcuffs, intoxilyzer, 1st Aid/CPR equipment, department computer, including Records Management Software.
  • Thorough knowledge of: modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques, and equipment; applicable laws, ordinances, and department rules and regulations; Wasco County’s geographic area(s).
  • Ability to: perform work requiring good physical condition, communicate effectively orally and in writing, establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, peers, supervisors and the general public, exercise sound judgment in evaluating situations and in making decisions, follow and give verbal and written instructions.
  • Must be of good moral fitness as determined by a thorough background investigation.  

Contact : Human Resources
511 Washington St. Suite 206
The Dalles, OR 97058
fax: 541-506-2771

Need assistance? Please contact 541-506-2774 or 541-506-2775
***Incomplete Application Packets will not be considered***

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled