Building Official - The Dalles, OR

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Building Official



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Salary Grade:

T $6,685.28-$6,852.42

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Administrative Officer

FLSA Classification:

Exempt - Administrative


Building Codes

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General Position Summary:


Under general supervision from the Planning Director, performs supervisory and administrative duties in planning and coordinating the operation of the building inspections department, which includes complex technical duties in enforcing construction codes to ensure public safety and health.


Essential Functions (in a typical work week):


•             Supervises Building Inspectors, Plans Examiners and Building Permit Technician(s) and trains, evaluates and disciplines employees; assigns, monitors and coordinates work.
•             Assists in preparing and managing budget for building inspection division; approves expenditures for building inspection.
•             Interprets, provides information and advice to contractors, builders, and the general public on all aspects of the Oregon Uniform Building Code and related regulations and county ordinances.
•             Reviews blueprints, plans, and sketches submitted with permit applications; determines code conformance and reviews cost estimates; lists and explains discrepancies and deficiencies of plans to contractors and the public; approves plans after corrections and issues building permits.
•             Performs on-site inspection of residential and commercial building construction to ensure compliance with applicable codes; verifies construction is according to approved plans; checks site locations for proper set-backs; inspects, as certified, plumbing, heating, cooling, structural and mechanical systems for compliance with regulations and safety requirements.
•             Conducts final inspection of completed work; gives official approval to acceptable structures and installations, and rejects unacceptable work.
•             Participates in meetings with building contractors and the general public to discuss problem areas involved in construction authorized by permits, actions of field inspectors, questions regarding building use or general guidance and interpretation of various state codes.
•             Prepares estimated personnel supplies and equipment costs for the annual planning and development department budget.
•             Investigates building code violations, complaints and official reports, checks hazardous conditions; writes correction notices; issues "stop work" orders; completes inspection forms.
•             Direct supervision of Building Inspectors and administrative support personnel. Plans, organizes, prioritizes, assigns, and reviews the work of staff involved in building construction inspection and codes enforcement. Establishes work goals and project plans.
•             Reviews subordinate work for conformance with established policies, procedures, standards, techniques, and Oregon Statute.
•             Prepares performance evaluations for assigned employees. Provides guidance to subordinate employees for overall performance improvement and career development.
•             Performs related administrative tasks such as answering correspondence, preparing periodic activity reports, and directing the work of a subordinate staff.
•             Serves as a liaison between the county and state code regulatory agencies within the Oregon Department of Commerce.
•             Performs other related work as assigned.



Responsibility/Accountability: This section of the job description describes the amount and breadth of responsibility and accountability that rests with the position, including the expected results of the position, the impact on County operations and activities, and the responsibility for budget.


Moderate, but distinct impact on organization operations, program outcomes, revenue, and expense or budgetary outcomes.  Responsibility for the prudent use of assets, including assigned equipment, material, or labor, is moderate and often includes responsibility for others' use of organization assets.  Some program or policy development affecting the organization and its offerings is part of the job responsibility.  “Customer” service is an important part of the job and actions would likely impact user's sense of satisfaction. 



Supervision of Employees:  This section of the job description describes the supervisory responsibility assigned including the range and types of supervisory functions performed, from directing work activities and delegating assignments to coaching, counseling, making disciplinary decisions, hiring, firing, salary actions, performance appraisal, training, etc. as well as the types of employees supervised.   


Positions at this level are normally responsible for a full range of supervisory responsibilities, including providing daily work direction and making substantive recommendations regarding hiring, disciplining and terminating employees, making pay adjustments, conducting performance appraisals, approving absences, and/or making employee job/assignment changes subject to Department Head approval.  This is the first level of full County supervisory responsibility and typically would supervise nonexempt personnel doing similar types of work.  Supervisory span will usually cover a moderate number of individuals, but could be a smaller number of more specialized technicians or specialists.


Interpersonal Skills/Contacts:  This section of the job description describes the characteristics of personal interaction with others including the frequency of contacts with others, the breadth of interactions (within the County, outside the County, with vendors/contractors, dealing directly with the public, etc.), and the level of persons interacted with.  Also, included in this section is the reason for contact such as gaining cooperation; use negotiation, tact, teamwork, and sensitivity; or the likelihood of dealing with disagreeable or hostile individuals. 


Positions at this level have frequent responsibility for contact with others not employed at the County.  Internally, primary contacts are usually made with other departments, as opposed to own work group.  Contacts usually concern non-routine information, and the potential for positive or adverse consequences to the County because of these contacts is constantly present.  Negotiation, persuasion, tact, sensitivity, and confidential exchanges are all part of the interactions required.  Formal presentations may be periodically made.  Communication and interpersonal skills are important, and must be well refined to complete job responsibilities.


Working Conditions:  This section of the job descriptions outlines the work environment, conditions, and hazards that are encountered in the course of assigned work.  This includes the personal risk, hazard, varying work schedules, level of interruptions, job pressure, and the need to frequently juggle priorities and work assignments.  Also, exposure to unpleasant working conditions such as high noise levels, heat or cold, inside or outside work, exposure to electricity, chemicals, poor lighting, confinements, machinery, interactions with disturbed or dangerous individuals, personal attacks, contact with contagious disease, or situations where personal safely cannot be assured.


This level has a work environment in which moderate hazards or obstacles exist.  There is some personal risk or hazard from job interactions, working environment, or job pressure.  Job conditions may be somewhat uncomfortable due to varying work environments; outside job tasks; inclement weather; exposure to chemicals, machinery, electricity, or individuals of unpredictable, possibly harmful intent, etc.  Positions where there are constantly changing priorities, constant interruptions to work flow, and constant shifts in task assignment should be placed at this level.  Work that is somewhat physically demanding and which creates a possible risk of personal injury should also be placed at this level.


Physical Requirements:  This section of the job description describes the physical effort and manual labor, such as sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, digging, operating equipment, performing with speed, etc., as well as the dexterity required to complete the job functions.  The need for travel, extended hours, and situations of physical discomfort are also outlined here.


Positions at this level require some physical efforts or guide labor, such as lifting and carrying of items weighing 15-25 pounds on a regular basis as part of the work assignments, or constant movement is necessary to complete tasks.  Some regular stooping, bending, and pushing/pulling may also be required.  This level also includes job situations where speed, guide dexterity, and equipment operation are a continual requirement.  Positions with regular responsibility for driving are to be placed at least at this level.


Education, Experience, and Certification/Licensure:  This section of the job description outlines the education, previous experience, professional licenses, certifications, and specific skills necessary to perform the assigned work. 


Positions at this level require abilities, skills, training, and/or knowledge base equivalent to an entry level professional.  Education including a four year degree beyond high school, or its equivalent, is typically required to learn and understand the information necessary to successfully complete job assignments.  Positions require broad knowledge of a number of business/public sector areas, and/or the specialized knowledge of a professional discipline.  Previous work experience of 2+ years is required, but it may not be directly in the professional discipline.  Three years of previous directly-related work experience may be substituted for academic training.  Capabilities include the ability to think through complex situations, weigh alternatives and options, and make sound judgments on the basis of research or other factual considerations.


Below is an outline of the specific Education type, Experience type or licensure/certification that is required for this role.  The County will also consider any equivalent combinations of the qualifying criteria.


Hold and maintain the following certifications;

•             Oregon Building Official Certification

•             Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)

•             Building Inspector Certification

•             Building Plans Examiner Certification

•             Commercial Mechanical Inspector Certification

•             Residential Building Inspector Certification

•             Fire Plans Examiner Certification


Desirable Qualifications;

•             Oregon Specialized Plumbing Inspector (SPI) and/or Oregon Specialized Electrical Inspector (SEI)

•             Oregon A-level Electrical or Plumbing Certification

•             Oregon A-level Structural Inspector Certification

•             Oregon one and two Family Dwelling Electrical Inspector

Contact : Applications can be returned to:
Wasco County Human Resources
511 Washington St., Ste 206
The Dalles, OR 97058

**Incomplete Application packets will not be considered for employment**

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled