Network/Systems Administrator - The Dalles, OR

Description :

Position Information - 543233


Position Title:

Network/Systems Administrator



Working Title:

Network Admin

Salary Grade:

“Q” $5,534.41 - $5959.95/month

Reports to:

Information Services Director

FLSA Classification:

Exempt - Computer


Information Services

Effective Date:



General Position Summary:

To maintain and enhance computer networks and server infrastructure in a virtualized environment and perform technical analysis for identifying and implementing improvements to existing systems. Develop system specifications for new and existing infrastructure and lead projects using the systems development lifecycle. Provide advanced troubleshooting skills in addressing escalated service requests to ensure service agreements are met. Utilize and monitor log aggregate tools for identifying risks/issues within the system and follow mitigation plans based on relevant policies and procedures to ensure compliance with multiple security frameworks. 


Essential Functions (in a typical work week):


—             Follow and enforce county IT policies, processes, and procedures.
—             Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of network and server systems.
—            Modify client/server systems due to legislative and business process changes.
—             Install and configure computer networks and server systems in an enterprise environment.
—             Develop automated maintenance & management scripts using languages such as Python, PowerShell, Unix Shell, Windows Batch, and other scripting languages.
—             Make changes to infrastructure devices running Cisco IOS, ASA, and other common platforms in command line interface.
—             Setup and maintain servers / services including Hyper-V, VMWare, Windows & Linux Server Operating Systems, Active Directory, Group Policy, Apache, IIS, and other systems in accordance with industry best practice.
—             Monitor day-to-day operations, performance, and space requirements of network and server infrastructure.
—             Maintain data integrity with backup, archive and recovery processes; help implement and maintain procedures of disaster recovery, perform network, server, and data restoration.
—             Manage projects for gathering, interpreting, and identifying system requirements from stakeholders using the systems development lifecycle and create clear system specifications for network and systems planning.
—             Implement required upgrades or replacement of current hardware or software as defined by system specifications.
—             Develop physical and logical diagrams of existing and new systems using common system modeling tools.
—             Manage other IS staff and contractors when performing network & systems functions.
—             Any employee may be required by their manager to perform any of the duties described in his/her position description, and other duties which may be necessary or desirable and for which the employee is qualified.


Secondary Functions (in a typical work week):


  • Backup help-desk support when needed, including answering calls and completing support tickets.
  • Any employee may be required by their manager to perform other duties which may be necessary or desirable and for which the employee is qualified.


Responsibility/Accountability: This section of the job description describes the amount and breadth of responsibility and accountability that rests with the position, including the expected results of the position, the impact on County operations and activities, and the responsibility for budget.


Moderate, but distinct impact on organization operations, program outcomes, revenue, and expense or budgetary outcomes.  Responsibility for the prudent use of assets, including assigned equipment, material, or labor, is moderate and often includes responsibility for others' use of organization assets.  Some program or policy development affecting the organization and its offerings is part of the job responsibility.  “Customer” service is an important part of the job and actions would likely impact user's sense of satisfaction. 


Supervision of Employees:  This section of the job description describes the supervisory responsibility assigned including the range and types of supervisory functions performed, from directing work activities and delegating assignments to coaching, counseling, making disciplinary decisions, hiring, firing, salary actions, performance appraisal, training, etc. as well as the types of employees supervised.   


Positions at this level are responsible for daily work or special project direction that is provided to personnel in similar job functions at comparable or subordinate levels.  This work is usually limited in time and to only a few individuals.  Position may participate in the hiring process.   However, positions are not responsible for hiring, firing, disciplinary actions, etc.


Interpersonal Skills/Contacts:  This section of the job description describes the characteristics of personal interaction with others including the frequency of contacts with others, the breadth of interactions (within the County, outside the County, with vendors/contractors, dealing directly with the public, etc.), and the level of persons interacted with.  Also, included in this section is the reason for contact such as gaining cooperation; use negotiation, tact, teamwork, and sensitivity; or the likelihood of dealing with disagreeable or hostile individuals. 


Positions at this level have responsibility for contact with wide range of individuals including County employees, the public, and those with contractual or other relationships with County operations and programs.  Internally, the primary contacts are made equally with the individual's own work group and other departments.  The contacts are both of a routine and non-routine nature and require some discussion or explanation.  Some adverse or positive consequences may result from these interactions.  Contacts can be in both one-on-one situations or group settings.  Communication and interpersonal skills are fairly important and require some refinement for the successful completion of job responsibilities.  Positions that have substantial contact with a wide range of individuals, but the contact is limited in scope, should also be placed at this level.


Working Conditions:  This section of the job descriptions outlines the work environment, conditions, and hazards that are encountered in the course of assigned work.  This includes the personal risk, hazard, varying work schedules, level of interruptions, job pressure, and the need to frequently juggle priorities and work assignments.  Also, exposure to unpleasant working conditions such as high noise levels, heat or cold, inside or outside work, exposure to electricity, chemicals, poor lighting, confinements, machinery, interactions with disturbed or dangerous individuals, personal attacks, contact with contagious disease, or situations where personal safely cannot be assured.


This level has a work environment with only occasional hazards or obstacles.  There is a moderately low level of personal risk encountered while performing assigned work.  Job conditions may be occasionally uncomfortable relative to noise, temperature, inside/outside work, or dirty conditions.  Interactions with angry or hostile individuals, exposure to contagious disease, interruptions that make meeting deadlines more difficult, and some job pressures to successfully complete work assignments can exist.


Physical Requirements:  This section of the job description describes the physical effort and manual labor, such as sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, digging, operating equipment, performing with speed, etc., as well as the dexterity required to complete the job functions.  The need for travel, extended hours, and situations of physical discomfort are also outlined here.


Positions at this level require some physical efforts or guide labor, such as lifting and carrying of items weighing 15-25 pounds on a regular basis as part of the work assignments, or constant movement is necessary to complete tasks.  Some regular stooping, bending, and pushing/pulling may also be required.  This level also includes job situations where speed, guide dexterity, and equipment operation are a continual requirement.  Positions with regular responsibility for driving are to be placed at least at this level.


Education, Experience, and Certification/Licensure:  This section of the job description outlines the education, previous experience, professional licenses, certifications, and specific skills necessary to perform the assigned work. 


Positions at this level require abilities, skills, training, and/or a knowledge base equivalent to a seasoned level professional.  Education will typically include a four year degree and positions will typically require 3-6 years of directly related experience.  Knowledge of multiple business areas and skills are required by the positions.  Work may be in a more generalized professional role, or specialized in one particular function where in-depth understanding is required.  Capabilities include reasoning, exercise of sound judgment, ability to draw conclusions with limited information, and to forecast or envision future needs and opportunities.


Below is an outline of the specific Education type, Experience type or licensure/certification that is required for this role.  The County will also consider any equivalent combinations of the qualifying criteria.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or relevant technical degree OR certifications in Network and Server systems OR equivalent work experience in related field preferred.
  • Three to six years of experience in the following areas:
  • Network Administration, System Administration, Enterprise Networks
  • Experience working with:
  • OSI Model, Cisco IOS and ASA, Cisco Unity/VOIP, LAN/WAN, Wired/Wireless Networking, DHCP, DNS, NAT, VPN, Access Control Rules.
  • Scripting Languages, Dell iDRAC, Syslog/Log Aggregation & Monitoring Tools, Active Directory Services, Windows Server 2012 and above, Hypervisors/VMMs, Network and Systems Analysis
    • Experience deploying client/server systems in a network environment
    • Knowledge in maintaining and implementing enterprise networks using industry-standard models such as three-tier layers and network security models.
    • Experience with open source technologies
    • Strong technical, planning, organizational, and execution skills.

Additionally, an individual in this position models Wasco County’s core values and cultural initiatives. 

Contact : Applications can be returned to:
Wasco County Human Resources
511 Washington St., Ste 206
The Dalles, OR 97058

**Incomplete Application packets will not be considered for employment**

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled