NORCOR Juvenile Detention

Wasco County houses youth placed in detention at the NORCOR Juvenile Detention Facility is located in The Dalles, Oregon.  The facility is owned and operated by a four county region; Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman and Wasco Counties.  The facility opened in 1999 and provides services throughout Eastern Oregon and neighboring Washington Counties.

Contact Information:
NORCOR Juvenile Detention
211 Webber Street
The Dalles, OR  97058
(541) 298-1447


 Parents, family members and approved supportive friends are encouraged to visit.  Visitors must be approved by the Juvenile Department or other agency responsible for your care.   Contact NORCOR Juvenile 541-298-1447 the day prior to schedule a visitation time.  If traveling long distances parents/family can contact the facility to request longer visits through the Detention Manager.

 Non-Contact visits are on the following days and times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00 PM-9:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am-4:00 PM

 Visits will be for a reasonable amount of time and may vary due to the number of visitors.  The Detention Manager or Supervisor may authorize contact visits or visits outside the normal days and times.

 Clergy visits

Clergy visits may be arranged through the Detention Manager or the Supervisor.

 Telephone Calls

 NORCOR will provide at least two 15-minute phone calls each week with no charge to you or to who you call.  Additional phone calls may be made at staff discretion.  Additional or longer calls can be earned through the level system.
 Video calls through the Telmate system may be allowed per level status.


 General Rules

You may send and receive correspondence through the U.S. Mail, per State Law.  We will provide postage for two personal letters per week and all legal and official mail.  We do not allow mail, messages, or notes to be left at the facility for you.

 Except in unusual circumstances, on holidays or weekends, we will deliver incoming mail to you within 24 hours of its receipt. We will put outgoing mail in a pickup box within 24 hours of receiving it from you.  If we receive mail for you and you are not here, we will return the mail to the sender.  Except for “legal mail”, we may inspect incoming mail for contraband by opening the mail in front of the youth and checking the contents of the envelope.

 Legal mail- is mail addressed to your attorney or comes from your attorney and is clearly marked “legal mail”.  Official mail is to or from confining authorities, such as probation or parole authorities, district attorneys, court or court officials, state attorney general, or governor. We will open and inspect this mail in front of you to ensure it does not contain contraband. If you send this type of mail, you must label it on the front of the envelope as “legal mail” or “official mail” or we will treat it as personal mail. We will treat mail from your attorney not marked “legal mail” as personal mail. You are subject to disciplinary action and criminal prosecution for fraudulently labeling an envelope as legal or official mail.