Glossary of Terms

ADJUDICATION: A court hearing where a Judge finds a youth responsible for committing a crime. The decision is made either because the youth admits to a charge, or is found responsible by a Judge through a court trial.

BALLOT MEASURE 11: A person 15 years or older found guilty of a specific crime that requires the court to impose a minimum mandatory sentence and the person will be processed in the adult justice system.

CUSTODY: When a youth is detained by a law enforcement agency because an officer has probable cause to believe a felony or misdemeanor crime has been committed, a statute has been violated, or the youth has a warrant out for their arrest.

DETENTION: Temporary and safe custody, in a secure setting, of juveniles (under age 18) who require a restricted environment for their own or the community’s protection while pending legal action.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: An attorney, who is employed by the county, and who is responsible for prosecuting people who are charged with a crime.

FELONY: The most serious levels of crimes.

INTAKE: The point when a Juvenile Counselor meets with a youth and family to gather information in order to assist in the decision making process.

JUVENILE COUNSELOR: A Juvenile Counselor is the same as a Juvenile Probation Officer. This person will determine how the case should be handled based on reviewing police reports, interviewing the youth and family as well as other resources. The Juvenile Counselor also supervises the conditions and terms of the youth’s status with the Juvenile Department and makes on-going decisions regarding treatment or service needs.

MISDEMEANOR: Levels of crimes that are less serious than felonies.

PRELIMINARY HEARING: First court hearing in a case to give the juvenile formal notice of the charges and of his/her rights, to determine whether the juvenile has an attorney and if necessary, appoint one.

PROBATION: Court ordered conditions and expectations of behavior resulting from a youth being found responsible for violating the law.

REFERRAL: A police report is sent to the Wasco County Department of Youth Services through the reporting law enforcement agency.

STATUS OFFENSE: An offense that is only considered an offense because a person is a minor (ie. smoking, or staying out past curfew)