Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Mission: To assist in the promotion of the Wasco County Sheriff's Office through drills, parades, shows, and general exhibitions of horse and horsemanship. Wasco County Sheriff's Mounted Posse and its members will function to aid the Sheriff's Office in search and rescue efforts where it is helpful to have horse mounted personnel.

The Sheriff's Mounted Posse represents the Sheriff's Office during community events. Members participate in parades and provide a visible presence at other public gatherings. Members are also occasionally called on to assist with Search & Rescue.
Picture of Wasco County Posse in parade

All volunteers must pass criminal background and prove their horsemanship abilities. As a volunteer they must be able to provide transportation, horses, GPS, equipment and tack for missions. Training is available for Search & Rescue and members often attend training offered by the Portland Police Bureau.
Wasco County Application
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Wasco County Sheriff's Office
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