Wasco County Marine Patrol is fully funded with a contract from the Oregon State Marine Board.  Marine Patrol is responsible to enhance safety on public waterways in Wasco County, provide boater safety education and enforce Marine Laws. Wasco County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol is seasonal starting April 1st and ending September 30th.

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Q: My boat only has a small 10 horsepower motor, does it need to be registered?
A: Yes, any motorized boat must be registered through the Oregon State Marine Board.

Q: What kinds of things do I need to pass a safety inspection?
A: Equipment requirements vary depending on the size and type of boat. The requirements can be found on the Oregon State Marine Board website, 

Q: Is there any required equipment for Paddleboards?
A: Yes, Paddleboarders must have a Coast Guard approved life jacket, a sound producing device (whistle or air horn), and a Waterway Access Permit for boards 10 feet or longer.

Q: What is the Waterway Access Permit?
A: Any Paddlecraft  (Paddleboards, rafts, drift boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.) over 10 feet in length must carry a Waterway Access Permit while in operation on the water.  Permits are transferable between mutually powered crafts but there must be one permit per craft on the water.  The fees for the permit go towards the development and maintenance of non motorized boat launches and ramps.  More information can be found on the Oregon State Marine Board Website,  

Q: What are the requirements for out of state boats?
A: Boats from Washington or Idaho may launch in Oregon tributaries within ONE RIVER MILE of the Columbia or Snake rivers (common interstate boundary waters) without a permit, only for the purposes of accessing the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
Other out-of-state motorboats are required to purchase an aquatic invasive species prevention permit ($20). This permit is valid for one calendar year.
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