Pavement Mng

Wasco County Public Works has been operating a pavement management program since 1997. The program we are using was originally developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in Oakland, California. In the early 1990's, the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) and Marion County jointly worked with MTC to begin integrating this program for use in the Pacific Northwest States.

Eventually, the joint efforts of AOC and Marion County had transformed the MTC program into a separate module known as the Pavement Management System in the AOC's Integrated Road Information System (IRIS).

During this time, Marion County had branched off a technical group that began implementing this program to other Oregon Counties. They were able to do this by using a consulting services contract. We eventually hired Marion County to assist us in setting up our program. AOC became the program's technical support and assists each county that uses this pavement management system.

We schedule pavement rating inspections usually in the spring. Our inspection scheme is managed by functional classification and we try to rate the arterials and collectors every year. Rural roads are done every other year and residential every three years. For the past two years, we have joined our inspection efforts with Sherman County. They assist us on our roads and we help them inspect their roads. This cooperative venture has improved our rating skills and has reduced the time it would take when we were doing it independently.