Integrated Road Information System
IRIS 8.0 has been developed by the Association of Oregon Counties specifically for use by the counties of Oregon to acquire and maintain data concerning the roads and related objects contained within the counties. IRIS provides a seamless method for any Oregon Road Department to have a complete computerized road inventory system in a Microsoft Windows environment. This system provides both managerial and technical assistance. The managerial assistance is provided in the large number of reports and graphs. The technical assistance is provided in the data entry checking and validation. This software and all associated materials are provided under nondisclosure agreement from the AOC and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. The Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) is Copyright 1993-1995 Association of Oregon Counties(AOC), All Rights Reserved. For a full explanation of warranty and copyright see Copyright and Warranty Statements. IRIS 8.0 is a Microsoft Windows application designed and built in the Microsoft Visual Basic programming environment.