Submitting Comments

Oral comments may be provided at the hearing; written comments may be submitted in writing up to the day of the hearing.  In order for the Planning Commission to review written comments in advance of the hearing, they must be provided a minimum of twelve (12) days prior to the scheduled hearing date to be included in the Commissioner’s packets.  No verification of receipt will be sent for comments received; if you wish to verify receipt please call the office at 541-506-2560.

Comments to the Planning Commission may be submitted by:


Mail:       Wasco County Planning Department
               2705 East Second Street
The Dalles, OR  97058

Fax:        541-506-2561

Hand Delivery: Due to Covid-19, the Planning Department Offices are currently on limited hours. The current office hours are Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 4pm, with lunch closure from 12 - 1 pm. There is a secure drop box located next to the main entrance of the Planning Department that may be used to drop off materials. Please note what the information pertains to. 

Oral Testimony at the Hearing:  Testimony provided at the hearing is not required to be submitted in writing.  However, we do ask that if you are providing a lengthy statement, that you provide it in writing as well so it can be attached to the minutes.  If you don't, your testimony will be summarized in the minutes by staff to the best of our ability.  If your exact phrasing is important to your message, please provide a written copy of your testimony for the record. 

Good to Know When Providing Oral Testimony:  All Planning Commission hearings are currently being held electronically over Zoom. To provide testimony, participants must register with their name and address for the record. A link to the Zoom registration will be provided on the Agenda and Planning Commission Remote Meetings web page. The Chair will call on those who have registered.  If you have not completed the registration form, you will not be called to speak. Your name is needed for the record and your mail or email address is needed to add you to the notification list for future work related to the case (e.g. additional notices and the final decision).  When providing oral testimony, please begin by clearly stating your name, continue to speak clearly so the recording devices can capture your testimony.