Planning Resources

Building Code e-Permitting (Building, Electrical and Plumbing Permits)
North Central Public Health District - Environmental Health (Septic Systems)

Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program

Wasco County Soil and Water District 
Oregon Natural Resource Conservation Service

FIRE DISTRICTS Mosier Rural Fire District 
Juniper Flat Fire District
Pine Hollow Fire Department
Tygh Valley RFPD

     57723 Fairground Rd
     Tygh Valley OR  97063
Dufur Volunteer Fire District
     175 NE 3rd
     Dufur OR 97021

Barlow Water Improvement District
The Dalles Irrigation District
Chenowith Water PUD 

Pacific Power
Pacific Power - Net Metering
Northern Wasco County PUD
Northern Wasco County PUD - Net Metering
Wasco Electric Cooperative
Wasco Electric Cooperative - Net Metering 

Dufur School District #29
North Wasco County School District #21
South Wasco County School District #1

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS): Oregon Revised Statutes is the codified body of statutory law governing the State of Oregon. ORS Chapter 196 (Columbia River Gorge), Chapter 197 (Comprehensive Land Use Planning) and Chapter 215 (County Planning) are the most relevant chapters to land use in Wasco County.

Oregon Administrative Rules ( OAR): Oregon Administrative Rules are passed by State agencies as directives, standards, or regulations that implement, interpret or prescribe state laws or policies. Chapter 660 is land use related administrative rules passed by the Department of Land Conservation and Development.

Oregon State Building Codes Division: Oregon State Building Code Division adopts and administers statewide building codes, provides code and rule interpretations, and assists local government building departments.

Oregon Department of Forestry: Oregon Department of Forestry has a role in managing both state and private forest land. Their website provides useful information on rules and laws pertaining to forest land, resource planning, forest health, and wild land fires.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website provides links and information related to fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, conservation, living with wildlife, and habitat restoration.

Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals: The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has exclusive jurisdiction to review all government land use related decision, whether legislative of quasi-judicial in nature.

Department of Land Conservation and Development: The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) is the chief land use planning and regulatory agency on the government of the State of Oregon. DLCD administered the Oregon statewide land use planning program. The DLCD website provides links and information about statewide planning goals, state statutes, administrative rules, public meetings, public records requests, and special divisions and programs.

Oregon Blue Book-Wasco County: Oregon Blue Book – Wasco County provides general information about the county, incorporated cities, points of interest, and history.

Oregon Economic and Community Development Department: The Oregon Business Development Department is a government agency of the State of Oregon that provides economic and community development and cultural enhancement administration of a variety of programs of incentives, financial support, and technical assistance to businesses, nonprofit organization, and community groups, and local an regional governments.

Oregon Department of State Lands: Oregon Department of State Lands is responsible of lands under state ownership and management of the Common School Fund. The State Lands website provides links and information on the Common School Fund, land management and sales, wetlands and waterways, and land conservation.

State of Oregon Water Resources Department: Oregon Water Resources is a government agency of the State of Oregon that is responsible for management of all surface and ground water in the state. Their website provides information on well construction and compliance, groundwater, surface water, water law, water management, and water rights.

State Historic Preservation Office (SHIPO): The State Historic Preservation department manages and administers programs that protect the state’s historic and cultural resources. Their website provides information on archaeological services, historic trails and places, financial assistance grants, community action, and the National Register of Historic Places.

Oregon Department of Energy Facility Siting: The Oregon Department of Energy Facility Siting has regulatory and siting responsibility for large electric generating facilities, high voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, and radioactive waste disposal sites. Their website has information on siting processes, standards, rules, and statures, and renewable energy.