The Wasco County Planning Department received a technical assistance grant in 2016 for help reviewing the natural resources zone chapters (A-1, F-1, and F-2) in the Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO).  The purpose of the grant was to help counties align their ordinances with the State's new Model Code.

In conjunction with Wasco County 2040, Planning staff conducted a comparison of its natural resources chapters with the model code chapters to demonstrate where we may not be current with state law and where our rules may be more restrictive.  We have a series of charts available that indicate the results of that exercise:
The independent audit funding by the DLCD grant was recently conducted by the Angelo Planning Group.  

The team at Angelo Planning Group prepared an overview of their work and results.  You can view that pdf here.

We will be using this information to help inform discussion with the Wasco County 2040 updates and future Wasco County LUDO updates.