Wasco County 2040

Wasco County 2040 is a multi-year Comprehensive Plan Update that involves individual work tasks, typically Wasco County 2040 chapters, that go through the hearings process to be adopted on a rolling basis.  For more information about the process, upcoming events, and data please see the project website: https://wasco2040.com/

Its important to note that adopted chapters likely will have further amendments based on input during other parts of the multi-year process.

To view the work plan that lists details for each work tasks, please download a copy here.

This page serves as a reference guide to adopted and pending chapters of Wasco County 2040 (Wasco County Comprehensive Plan)


Chapter 1: Citizen Involvement (Goal 1)
Chapter 2: Land Use Planning (Goal 2) Amendments
Chapter 3: Agricultural Lands (Goal 3) Amendments
Chapter 6: Air, Water and Land Resources Quality (Goal 6)
Chapter 9: Economic Development (Goal 9)


Chapters 5, 12, 10 and 14.