Guide to Comprehensive Plan Updates

Wasco County was awarded a small grant in 2021 to create a guidebook based on our experience of Comprehensive Plan updates for use by other counties.  The intent was to provide tools, resources, and lessons learned to support counterparts in other communities.

The guidebook was finalized in May 2023.  The guidebook is available for download here.  The appendices are available for download individually, in word format, for easy use.

A Practical Guide to Comprehensive Plan Updates
Appendix A: Vision Stakeholder Questionnaire
Appendix B: Work Task Template
Appendix C: Defining the Audience Questions
Appendix D: SWOT Analysis Template
Appendix E: Public Participation Plan Template
Appendix F: Outreach Report Template
Appendix G: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Worksheet
Appendix H: Outreach Tools
Appendix I: ESEE Analysis Template
Appendix J: SMART Goals Worksheet
Appendix K: Timeline Template

This work has been supported by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.  It was part of Wasco County's commitment to the Land Conservation and Development Commission to leverage our Voluntary Periodic Review to support other counties in updating their Comprehensive Plans.  To learn more about Wasco County 2040 (Comprehensive Plan Update) please visit the project website: