Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures
Wasco County's mission is to "partner with our citizens to proactively meet their needs and create opportunities." We have been able to achieve this by following our vision of "Pioneering Pathways to Prosperity." We hope that the following handbook will help you to achieve these goals and help you understand the role you play and the expectations that come with employment at Wasco County. 

Wasco County Employee Handbook

Wasco County Policies

*All of Wasco County's policies can be found on the "Share Drive" for internal employees.
Boot_Clothing Reimbursement Memo
Bereavement Leave Policy
Compensation Policy
Employee Personnel Records Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy and EEO Program Guide
Family & Medical Leave Policy
Fringe Benefits & Employee Reimbursements Policy
Hardship Leave Policy
Juneteenth (Resolution)
Leave without Pay Policy
Mobile Communication Device Policy
No Harassment Policy
No Retaliation Policy
On-the-Job Injury and Illness Procedure Policy
Safety Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Smoke Free Workplace Policy
Vacation Policy - updated 6/2023
Vehicle Policy
Wellness Policy
Workplace Violence Policy
Zero Tolerance Drug Free Policy