Human Resources


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Human Resources will Pioneer Pathways to Prosperity by serving as a source of information and expertise providing innovative and practical human resource solutions. 

Pioneering Pathways to Prosperity

Partner with our citizens to proactively meet their needs and create opportunities.


Embody the 100% Love Culture
* Equity and fairness in all things
* Keep an open mind and be open to change
* Kindness and compassion for people who live in our community
* Love what you do and have fun doing it
* Build a strong team
* Excellence in service
Relationships are primary
* Relationships come first, whether individuals or organizations
* Be a good neighbor
* Use honest and active communication
* Say what you mean, with 100% Love
Do the right thing, even when no one is watching
* Provide open access and transparency
* Accountable for actions and decisions
* Be impeccable stewards of our resources
* Strive to be the best performing rural county government

Human Resources Core Services Include:
Employment Services
Benefits Administration
Employee Relations
Labor Relations
Organizational Development (Change Management)
Consulting Services