Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
Wasco County offers a wide range of benefits including health care & wellness, retirement options, long term disability and life insurance. Wasco County strives to provide competitive benefit packages to assist our employees and their family. Below is a list of benefits and helpful forms. Click the links to learn more about each benefit.
**REMINDER** Any employee who needs to make changes in contributions or life events need to notify the HR/Payroll office in order to ensure correct deductions are being taken from your paycheck. 

Benefits Providers Contact Sheet 
Benefits Provider Contact Information

City County Insurance Services (CIS)
City County Insurance Company (CIS) Employee Portal
CIS Employee Resource Website
Medical/Dental Enrollment & Change Form (PDF)

Qualifying Life Event - New baby, divorce, marriage, spouses separation from a job?
Contact CIS Directly at 503-763-3800 or Toll-Free at 800-922-2684
You will need to provide a copy of a birth certificate, social security card, divorce decree, marriage license, etc.

Wasco County Benefit Summary Sheets
Non-Rep Employee Benefits
Elected Officials Benefits
WCLEA Employee Benefits
FOPPO Employee Benefit Sheets

CIS Benefit Summary Sheets
Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (Copay Plan E) with VSP and RX7
Delta Dental (Plan II)
CIS Copay Plan E (Regence BC/BS) - TBA

Medical: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon
Regence BCBS website
Order ID card

Dental: Delta Dental (MODA)
CIS Dental Plan II w/Ortho (Delta Dental)
Dentist Look Up
Order ID Card

Vision: Vision Service Plan (VSP)
VSP Vision Coverage
Find a provider 

Flexible Spending Accounts (Pre-Tax Plans): ASI Flex
ASI Flex Website

ASI Flex Reimbursement Claim Form (PDF)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

By email :  info@canopywell.com
By phone:  1-800-433-2320
First Responders Psychology - Sheriff's Office
By email :  firstrespnderpsychology@gmail.com
By phone:  1-971-727-5769

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
PERS Website

Long Term Disability
Mutual of Omaha (website)
Plan Summary (PDF)
Mutual of Omaha - Enrollment Form (PDF)
Mutual of Omaha - Claim Form (PDF)
The Standard (website - Sheriff's office only)
The Standard - Claim Form (PDF - Sheriff's office only)

Life Insurance - USAble and Regence Life & Health of Oregon
Life Insurance Enrollment Form (PDF - All employees except Sheriff's Office)
Life Insurance Enrollment Form  (PDF - Sheriff's Office only)

Deferred Compensation 457 Plan
Nationwide (online account access)
The Hartford (online account access - Sheriff's Office only)
Mass Mutual (Contribution Change Form) (Sheriff's Office only)

Kimberlee Scotese      PH: 503-828-8330     E-mail: kimberlee_scotese@us.aflac.com             
Fax: 503-206-0084   E-mail: kscotese1@gmail.com
Aflac Website

Medical Payroll Deduction Summary Sheets
Non-Rep Benefit Payroll Deduction Sheet
WCLEA Benefit Payroll Deduction sheet
FOPPO Benefit Payroll Deduction Sheet

Other Forms

Designation of Beneficiary Form (For final paycheck - PDF)

Wasco County Wellness Committee
Workplace Wellness Policy & Action Plan