Culture 100% LOVE

Our Story - 100% Love (Living Our Values Everyday)
The Wasco County culture has been an ongoing commitment by county employees to provide exceptional service based on our Core Values. While a commitment to service has always been part of Wasco County, it was given a formal name along with a written guide in January 2016. The Wasco County Culture Guide  is a dynamic, "living" document that is continuously updated as we discuss what makes a great culture.
Culture within Wasco County
Developing and maintaining a great culture starts with hiring the right people and putting them in the right seats.  We, at Wasco County, feel that our employees can tangibly impact the direction of our organization, while passionately promoting our mission, vision and values.  For this reason, we have formed committees focused on culture, health and wellness and safety. Wasco County also recognizes the importance of "moving the needle" for internal evolution and growth.  Multiple cross-functional teams have been formed to focus on succession planning, professional development, social media and much more.
STAR Team-Special Thanks and Recognition
Co-Chair: Stephanie Krell - Office Manager - Administrative Services
Co-Chair: Chrissy Zaugg - Chief Deputy - County Clerk
Wellness Committee
Co-Chair: Brenda Garcia - Payroll/HR Generalist - Finance
Co-Chair: Nichole Biechler - Human Resources Director
Safety Committee
Chair: Nichole Biechler-Human Resources Director
Mentorship Program
Wasco County feels strongly that an organization's culture is only as strong as the people who bring it to life. Having the right people, who believe in and live out the core values of our organization, ensures that we foster a tradition of cultural ambassadors; individuals who embrace continuous growth and seek opportunitites to improve and develop.  It is our goal to foster higher levels of engagement and support a culture that sees mentoring as an effective way of developing our team.
Mentorship Program Toolkit