Civil Service

Civil Service
Civil Service is defined as the nonmilitary personnel who work for a government, applying its laws and regulations.
The purpose of these rules is to implement and to give effect to the provisions of the County Civil Service Act achieving for the county service the following objectives:
1. To establish for the County a system of personnel administration based on merit, principles and scientific methods governing the appointment, tenure, promotion, transfer, layoff, removal and discipline of its officers and employees and other incidents of county employment.
2. To promote and increase economy and efficiency in the county service.
3. To establish and maintain a uniform plan of classification and pay based upon the relative duties and responsibilities of positions in the county service.
4. To provide an equal opportunity to qualified citizens to enter county employment on a basis of demonstrated merit and fitness to be ascertained by competitive examinations.
5. To develop a program of recruitment, training, advancement and tenure that will make a career in the county service attractive to citizens who possess both ability and integrity.

There rules shall be collectively known as the Wasco County Civil Service Rules.
Wasco County Civil Service Rules