The County Treasurer is an elected four year position. The Treasurer's duties include:

Property taxes: Property tax collections are held in a custodial capacity until they are "turned over" to taxing districts. The Treasurer may also need to adjust the turnover for such items as appeals, refunds and reserves. The Treasurer also monitors other property tax related items such as advance collections and disqualifications. The Treasurer prepares "property taxes receivable" information annually for district audits.

Investments: State statute restricts the type of investments to which public dollars may be deposited. Public entities may modify these restrictions by having an "investment policy" approved by the Short Term Fund Board. Wasco County does have its own investment policy and the Treasurer is responsible for maintaining it as well as for investing public monies in accordance with it.

Revenues and Cash Flow: The Treasurer reviews all receipts to the General Ledger. In addition, the Treasurer ensures that all cash and checks are deposited daily and monitors bank balances to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover outstanding checks and that excess monies are transferred to an investment.

Banking: The Treasurer maintains all bank accounts and monitors activity (fees, charges, returned items, erroneous deposits) and reviews all bank reconciliation performed.