Code Compliance Process

The Code Compliance program operates on a prioritization schedule as follows:
Priority 1 Violations: (70% of staff time)
Land use activities that impact environmental/natural resources, pose significant health and safety issues, or involve structures under construction that do not meet standards.  This includes:

  • Floodplain/drainage/wetland/riparian area disturbances (illegal crossings, development, grading, etc.)
  • Dwellings or other structures without a permit
  • Violations of conditions of approval for development permits
  • Overgrown vegetation or violations of Fire Safety standards/defensible space

Priority 2 Violations:  (20% of staff time)
Land use or nuisance activities that pose health/safety issues or involve development that does not meet standards. This includes:

  • Grading without permits
  • Commercial/industrial/recreation activities without permits (includes home occupations, agricultural buildings converted to nonagricultural uses)
  • Outdoor parking or storage of five or more operable vehicles

Priority 3 Violations: (10% of staff time)
Nuisance violations that pose potential health and safety hazards.  This includes:

  • Junk accumulation
  • Trash accumulation

 Complaints will be prioritized based on this schedule.  Complaints outside of this schedule may be referred to other resources, including mediation or law enforcement.