Recording Requirements

ORS 205.232 provides that a County Clerk shall not accept a document for recording unless it is:
  1. Printed on sheets of sufficient quality for recording photographically;
  2. On sheets that are not larger than 14 inches long and 8 and a half inches wide;
  3. With text printed or written in minimum 8-point type (approximately 1/8 inch) or larger.

In addition to the above, ORS 205.234 requires that certain information is contained on the first page of the document presented for recording (or a cover sheet recorded with the document):

  • The name of the transaction(s) ORS 205.236;
  • The names of the parties;
  • The name and address of the person to whom the document will be returned;
  • The true and actual consideration as required by ORS 93.030;
  • The address to where tax statements will be sent as required by ORS 93.260;
  • For documents recorded in the County Clerk Lien records, the information required by ORS 205.125 (1c) and (e).

An exception is provided in ORS 205.327 which allows the recording of a"non-standard" document upon payment of a fee of $20.00 in addition to the normal recording fees.

Wasco County requires a 2"x3" space on the first page for the recording ticket. If there is no space for the recording ticket, a cover sheet must be attached and an additional page fee submitted.

If the legibility of an instrument or notary seal is questionable and a deadline may be compromised should the county recorder reject the instrument, we suggest that you correct or prepare a new, legible original prior to submitting it for recording. We understand that fixing or preparing a new original may not always be possible due to client demands; however, the client should be informed beforehand that the legibility problem exists and may cause the instrument(s) to be rejected, prolonging the delay.

If it is your opinion that the illegible information on the instrument presented for recording is either unimportant or unnecessary, you may want to consider removing it. Check with your legal counsel prior to doing so. The information may be required.

If an instrument contains information that is illegible and such information was previously recorded and made a permanent public record of a governmental body, the illegible instrument may be recorded by making reference on the illegible instrument as to the file or recording number and where the original record is on file.

If a form contains illegible text, a legible form of the same kind may be attached to the original. The attached legible form should state that "the form is included for legibility". Check with your legal counsel prior to doing so.
Signatures and notaries must be original; photo copies cannot be recorded.

An Oregon notary seal that is blurred or faint is not acceptable for recording. Corrections can be made by writing the information outside the perimeter of the seal by the notary or a new seal can be affixed. Notary seals must not cover any written information on the certificate or instrument. (See OAR 164-100-000)

Any document that has been previously recorded may be re-recorded to make corrections to the original document.

The first page of the corrected document must meet all of the first page requirements for recordings.
The corrected document need not be signed by the party(ies) and acknowledged by a notary a second time.
A certified copy of a recorded instrument may not be altered for the purpose of correcting the original instrument. The person presenting the instrument may present an unaltered certified copy of the recorded instrument when it is attached to a cover sheet authorized by ORS 205.234 (2). The cover sheet must contain the re-recording certificate to be affixed.

The person presenting the document for re-recording shall cause a re-recording statement to be affixed to the first page or cover sheet of the document. The statement must not cover any information contained in the document and shall read as follows:
"RE-RECORDED AT THE REQUEST OF__________TO CORRECT _______________ (reason for re-recording), PREVIOUSLY RECORDED IN BOOK __________ AND PAGE __________, OR AS FEE NUMBER ___________."

Regular recording fees apply.

If you have questions or need help, please call our office.