How to Vote In Oregon

In Oregon, we vote by mail 
In 1998 Oregon voters passed a ballot measure directing all elections be conducted by mail. Vote by mail is a method of distributing ballots for an election. Instead of using polling places where voters go to cast ballots on Election Day, a ballot is mailed to each registered voter. The ballot is voted and returned to the county election office to be counted. Vote by mail increases voter participation, removes barriers that can keep people from getting to the polls, allows more time for people to study issues and candidates before marking the ballot, and saves taxpayer dollars.

Tips for marking your ballot
  • Use a blue or black pen. Please do not use a felt tip pen or Sharpie - it can bleed through the ballot paper.
  • Do not cut, tear or damage your ballot. If you damage your ballot, call our office to ask for a replacement.
  • To make your selection, completely fill in the oval next to your choice:
    Hand w Pen marking oval 4
  • To write-in a candidate, fill in the oval to the left of Write-in and print the candidate's full name clearly on the line:
    Hand marking Write-In
  • To make a correction, draw a line through your original choice, then make your next selection:
    Hand with Pen marking a correction on a ballot

  • Review your ballot before enclosing it in the reply envelope. Double-check your votes - some contests allow votes for more than one person (the number appears just below the name of the office). Make sure you do not mark more votes than that number. You may choose to vote for fewer candidates, or you can skip any contest.