Wasco County Elections

Office Notice about COVID-19
In an effort to prevent, slow, and stop the spread of COVID-19 to our citizens, our office will be limiting business to phone, email and online service. If you are not sure how to access services online, or you have a need that requires in-person assistance, please call our office at 541-506-2530 to discuss. Please keep in mind that response time may vary depending on staffing. Thank you for your patience during this time.

For Voter Registration, please check out our Voter Registration page which includes links to online registration or a paper form you can download, fill out and mail to us. If you have any concerns about registering to vote, please call our office at 541-506-2530 and we'll be happy to assist you.


Welcome to the Wasco County Elections Office
The Elections Office sets up, administers and conducts all Federal, State, County, City, and Special District elections held in Wasco County. To see how an election works, watch our Path of the Ballot video:

Voters, political parties, other governmental agencies, candidates, political action committees, media, researchers and the general public rely on this office for information concerning elected officials, candidates, measures, issues, initiative, referendum and recall petitions, historic election records, the election process, and information on specific elections.

Wasco County Elections is also responsible for voter registration, election filings, petition drives, campaign information, determination of political boundaries, and the issuing of ballots.

If you are interested in running for public office, visit our Current Election page for local offices, and the Oregon Secretary of State's "Run for Public Office" page for additional resources.

Check out our Current Election page for details on the upcoming election.