Domestic Partnerships

Same-sex partners in Oregon have the option to get married or to register for a domestic partnership. If you are wanting to get married, please follow the instructions on the Marriage License page. If you are looking to register a domestic partnership, please follow the instructions below.


  • Both individuals must be of the same sex, must be at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into a domestic partnership at the time the forms are signed.
  • At least one of the individuals must be a resident of Oregon
  • Each individual must sign the Declaration of Domestic Partnership in the presence of a notary public. (NOTE: the Wasco County Clerk's Office does not have a notary.)

Complete the Registration Process

  1. Forms and instructions may be obtained at Oregon Vital Records or at the County Clerk's Office. The forms must be printed on legal sized paper and completed in blue or black ink.
  2. Bring the completed/notarized forms to the Wasco County Clerk's office with payment in the amount of $50.
  3. Registered partners will receive a Commemorative Certificate of Domestic Partnership and a copy of the filed Declaration.

Additional Fees
Certified copy - $4.00 if purchased at time of application, $7.75 if purchased separately from application