Current Election Information

Special District Election, May 21, 2019

The Special District Election was held on May 21, 2019. The focus of a Special District Election is to elect board members for local districts such as community colleges, schools, park & recreation, fire, water and more. Additionally, voters may be asked to vote on local ballot measures.

The links to results are available on our main Elections page. Keep in mind that elections are not certified until 20 days after the election. This is because voters have up to 14 days to "perfect" a ballot that's been challenged (due to a lack of signature, or a signature that can't be matched to what's on file). After the challenge period closes, and final ballots that can be counted are processed and added to the final results.

White River Health District Measure Update
The White River Health District's tax levy currently stands at 332 Yes votes to 330 No votes. The outcome of this race will not be determined until the election is certified. An automatic hand recount will be triggered if the current difference of two votes remains.