Wasco County Owned Land


Notice is hereby given that Wasco County intends to sell the tax foreclosed properties identified below through the sealed bid process.  Bids must be received in the office of Assessment & Tax by 4:00 p.m. on June 28, 2022.  See the attached instructions here: 
Sealed Bid Instructions
Sealed Bid Form
The two lots will be sold together to provide more options of development due to their challenging size and shape individually.

All property will be sold AS IS, without warranty as to title, value, zoning, suitability for any purpose, environmental condition, wetland designation, easements, or any other condition and will be conveyed by quitclaim deed.  For further information on this sale, please call (541) 506-2510.  Pictures are available by clicking on the account numbers below.  

Property ID & Map Tax Lot Number Location & Description Minimum Bid   
5S 14E 5BB 348
5S 14E 5BB 349
348 Little Lake Road, Maupin
0.12 acre bare lot
417 Little Lake Road, Maupin
0.12 acre bare lot
2021 Market Value: $27,840

2021 Market Value: $27,840
Minimum Bid combined total: $41,760
       Sold $42,000