Wasco County Owned Land



On June 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 302 at 511 Washington St, The Dalles, OR, pursuant to an Order of the Board of Commissioners for Wasco County, Oregon, made and entered on April 17, 2019, we will sell at public auction the following described real property.

All property will be sold AS IS, without warranty as to title, value, zoning, suitability for any purpose, environmental condition, wetland designation, easements, or any other condition and will be conveyed by quitclaim deed.  

The Auction Rules can be viewed by clicking here.

The Bidder Registration form can be obtained by clicking here.

Please see additional background information below for more information regarding the properties for sale. Please click on the Property ID# to view a photo of each property.


Property ID # &
Map Tax Lot

Property Description

Market Value and
Minimum Bid

1N12E 01 1900

3673 Browns Creek Road
The Dalles, OR
2.20 acre bare lot

2018 Mkt Value: $ 86,800
Min. Bid: $5,000

2N13E 30BD 1300

NKA Margaret Street W
The Dalles, OR
0.22 acre bare lot

2018 Mkt Value: $ 12,350
Min. Bid: $9,300

2N13E 30CA 2300

NKA Margaret & Starlight St W
The Dalles, OR
0.25 acre bare lot

2018 Mkt Value: $ 20,220
Min. Bid: $15,165

4S13E 10DA 1800

83091 Tygh Valley Road
Tygh Valley, OR
0.50 acre lot, including improvements &
shared well

2018 Mkt Value: $100,910
Min. Bid: $71,000

#9945 & #9946
1S13E 34A 700
1S13E 34A 800

83144 Dufur Valley Road – plus bare lot
Dufur, OR
0.26 acre lot & house; plus
0.26 acre contiguous lot w/outbuilding

2018 Mkt Value: $238,740
Min. Bid: $135,000

8S17E 5BA 301

45365 College Street
Antelope, OR
0.34 acre lot & manufactured structure

2018 Mkt Value: $ 22,700
Min. Bid: $17,000



#967 is 2.20 acres at 3673 Browns Creek Road.  It is in a RR 10 acre zone, along the creek bed and has accumulated personal property items on site such as a tractor, trailer, boat, rail car storage container and a camper.  We are proposing a reduced land value that includes all of the personal property “as is” on site.

#2247 is a bare lot in Murray’s Addition with a rough road access.

#2453 is a corner lot in Murray’s Addition with good access.

#10485 is known as the VFW Hall in Tygh Valley.  It has become dilapidated, has a shared well with well agreements and a good location. 

#9945 and #9946 - 9945 has a ranch house with full basement located on Dufur Valley Road.  We are selling the contiguous lot next door with the house.  According to a local inspector, the septic system has failed and the additional space will likely be required for a new septic system.  It is also likely combining the lots will be required in the septic system process. 

#16836 is an abandoned single wide manufactured home located in Antelope.