Property Value Appeals

Property Value Appeals

In Oregon, property taxes are assessed for real property, machinery & equipment, manufactured structures, business personal property, and floating property.  

The assessor determines the value of most taxable property on January 1, prior to the beginning of the tax year.  The assessor's determination of value will appear on the tax statement mailed to you in October.

If you have any questions regarding the values on your tax statement, the assessor's staff is available to discuss the values with you.  If you desire, an appraiser will review your appraisal with you and answer any other questions you may have.  This process helps provide information on how your property value was determined. In some cases, additional information may resolve the issue. 

If, after your discussion with our staff, if you feel the market value is too high, we encourage you to file an appeal with the Board of Property Tax Appeals.

The following video on Property Tax Appeals will discuss the appeal process.

For more information on filing an appeal with the Board of Property Tax Appeals, please contact the Wasco County Clerk's Office.

Please visit the Oregon Department of Revenue website for additional information regarding property tax appeals