Information Services Department

The Information Services Division has operational, strategic and fiscal responsibility for the innovation, implementation, and advancement of technology for Wasco County. We are motivated by a commitment to employees, management and the general public. The purpose of the Information Services Division is to focus resources (time, funds, and energy) on the County's Strategic Goals. Our first priority is to provide access to information, seamless communication and a strict adherence to network security.


Our Vision...
Pioneer Pathways to Prosperity by innovative uses of technology.

Our Mission...

Partner with our citizens to proactively meet their needs and create opportunities.


Current Service Level: Manage and maintain the county's telephone/voicemail system which includes approximately 230 phones and faxes, 250 voicemail accounts and 4 department level voicemail trees. Maintain the county's computer network infrastructure which includes approximately 250 end user devices including computers, servers, printers, scanners and copiers. Maintain the county's email system with approximately 180 email accounts. Provide daily helpdesk support to approximately 180 end users. Provide 24/7 technical support to the Emergency 911 Dispatch Center. Act as technical liaison to more than 10 mission critical network applications.