Wasco County GIS Price List

Wasco County GIS Price List
GIS Services Standard Labor = $60/hour

We require payment in advance from companies we have not done business with in the past. Credit card payments get charged an additional amount (depending on how much the base purchase is) to match what the company charges the County. Checks should be made out to Wasco County GIS, and sent with a note stating which layers are being requested.
Please send it to:
Wasco County IS Department
Attn: GIS
2705 E 2nd St 
The Dalles, OR 97058

 Custom Map Prices



Additional Copies (ea)




 11 x 17



 18 x 24



24 x 36 



 24 x 40



 36 x 48



*There is a $5 shipping and handling fee for all maps that are mailed out*

Data Layer Available for Purchase
 ***Fees Allowed per ORS 190.50***

Single Layers






Extract of Assessor's Database


Taxlot Table Schema
See Assessor's Webpage for more Info




Tax Code Boundaries



Taxlot Maps


Visit The Oregon Map


$1/parcel or $1,500 for entire County

Visit Our Online Map


Group Layers- $45 each



Administrative Boundaries

Chenowith PUD, Fire Districts, Library Districts, Livestock Districts, N. Wasco County PUD, Park Districts, Port of The Dalles, School Districts, Voting Precincts, and Water Districts

See Also State Data 

Populated Places

City Limits, Urban Growth Boundaries, Rural Service Center

See Also State Data

Zoning- Cities

City Zoning


Zoning - Environmental Protection Districts

EPD 5 – Significant Aggregate Sites
EPD 6 – Reservoir Buffer Overlay
EPD 7 – Comprehensive Plan Natural Areas
EPD 8 – Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Overlay
EPD 9 – Big Muddy Limited Use Overlay
EPD 10 – Badger Creek Limited Use Overlay
EPD 11 – Pine Hollow Airport Overlay Zone
EPD 14 – Camp Morrow Limited Use Overlay


Zoning - Wasco County

Wasco County Zoning