EDC Strategic Action Plan


This plan is intended to guide the work done by the Wasco County Economic Development Commission in the coming five years. It provides an overview of the EDC’s vision for Wasco County supported by the County’s demographic and economic profiles and a strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-and-threats analysis.   The information provided builds on work done at the regional level and seeks to align the EDC’s efforts with the regional strategy where relevant to leverage additional capacity. These foundations provided the framework for the specific goals and strategies developed as well as directed the formation of the EDC’s action plan for the coming year. 

Development and Adoption
In order to draft this economic development strategy and its accompanying action plan, the Economic Development Commission moved through a six-month process started in December of 2016.  At each EDC meeting a specific portion of the material for the plan was reviewed and input provided by the EDC Commissioners.  Additionally, each of the six EDC Committees (Broadband, Wamic/Pine Hollow, Mosier, Dufur, Open for Business, Agriculture) was reconfirmed at the February meeting in order to facilitate action plan development.

The full strategy and action plan was adopted by the EDC on June 1, 2017 and acknowledged by the Wasco County Board of Commissioners on June 21, 2017. It will provide a clear framework for the EDC for the coming five years with minor annual updates incorporated into the action plan to reflect current activities and any significant changes to the economic development landscape.