Economic Development Commission

About the EDC
Formed in 1987, the Wasco County Economic Development Commission has been coming together with partners to support economic development and growth since its inception.  Today the Economic Development Commission acts as the economic development arm of Wasco County, with a focus on job creation and increasing capacity throughout the County. The EDC:

  1. Collaborates with, and provides technical assistance to, local entities to accomplish projects focused on the above outcomes and to bring further investment into Wasco County.
  2. Provides leadership on countywide economic development efforts identified by both the Economic Development Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.
  3. Keeps the Board of County Commissioners apprised of economic development activity, opportunities, and needs throughout the County.
For more information, view the Wasco County EDC forming resolution.


EDC Commissioners
The EDC is a group of 11 County Commission appointed representatives of economic interests and geographic areas from around Wasco County.  Currently, the following individuals sit on the EDC:
Position 1 - Northern: Terry Moore
Position 2 - Central: Mary Kramer
Position 3 - Southern: Frank Kay
Position 4 - Kathy Ursprung, Chair
Position 5 - Matthew Klebes
Position 6 - Nan Wimmers
Position 7 - Keith Nantz
Position 8 - Dean McAllister
Position 9 - Gary Grossman
Position 10 - Joan Silver
Position 11 - Stan Kelsay