Workforce in Wasco County

Wasco County is part of the Mid-Columbia region, who's workforce flows freely in a five county area in Oregon and Washington. This area includes Klickitat and Skamania Counties in Washington and Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman Counties in Oregon.  Sometimes Gilliam and Wheeler Counties are included in the area's workforce calculations.  Up-to-date information on unemployment, job growth, and other labor and economic trends can be found at
2018GorgeNonFarmEmploymentIn general, the region's workforce faired better than most of rural Oregon through the recession, with lower unemployment and a continued upward trend in job growth.  Partners in Wasco County work to support development of  skilled workforce through partnerships with local, regional and state agencies. 

 Columbia Gorge Community College Logo   Columbia Gorge Community College provides opportunities for customized training, and administors the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act services in addition to its broader efforts to support workforce development in the Mid-Columbia region. For additional information on customized training call 541-506-6123 or visit their website  
 East Cascades Workforce Investment Board Logo     The East Cascades Workforce Investment Board is plans for workforce investment and priorities throughout the Central Oregon corridor, which includes Wasco County.  For more information on their activities, visit their website.  
Work Source Oregon Logo   WorkSource Oregon is a network of public and private partners who work together to effectively respond to workforce challenges through high-quality services to individuals and businesses, resulting in job attainment, retention and advancement. There is a Worksource Center located at 700 E Union Street in The Dalles. They can be reached at 541-296-5435 or visit their website for more information on the services they provide.