HR Forms

Human Resources Forms

Accident/Injury Report Form
Please return to Human Resources as soon after an accident or injury has occurred.
Please read the instructions carefully, included in each packet, and return to Human Resources as soon as possible.

Medical Attention Sought Packet
No Medical Attention Required Packet

Employee Address Change

  • Address changes will only be made once Human Resources receives a signed Address Change Form.
Address Change

Legal Name Change
  • Legal Name change requests must be accompanied by one of the following documents; updated social security card, updated passport, or updated US employment authorization card and presented in person.
  • Legal name changes will only be processed upon Human Resources receiving a signed Name Change Form.
Name Change

Payroll Forms
Please return forms to Human  Resources.
Direct Deposit

Family Medical Leave Form
The FMLA/OFLA request must be returned to Human Resources before FMLA/OFLA will be taken/granted.
FMLA Request Form
Wasco County Family Leave Policy
Hardship Leave Donation Form